A Dance with Rogues
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The following contains information on a character, area, item, or quest that is no longer present in the latest version of Part One as of v1.50.

The Icy Caverns are found within the Mountains of Frost, and lead to Hovazz' Lair. Beyond the caverns, through a number of secret passages, is the face of the Mountain and the road leading to Ravenstown. A few Ice Beetles and an Orc encampment can be found here.


Icy Cavern 1 pins
Icy Cavern 2 pins
  1. To Hovazz' Lair
  2. Further into the caverns (Glacier)
  3. To #2
  4. Hidden door
  5. Hidden door
  6. Orc Shaman and the cauldron
  7. Orc camp
  8. To the Mountains of Frost