A Dance with Rogues

Igor's Smithy is located in Betancuria North. It is owned and operated by Igor Wilkino, a friend to the family. Igor's shop carries mundane weapons and armor, but he is a skillful blacksmith and can improve weapons and armor with magic. Igor is also known to craft usable armor from damaged materials, such as the Worn Leather Armor, the Clean Leather Armor, the Battered Leather Armor, and the Damaged Black Robe.


  • Igor can only add enhancement bonus on melee and ranged weapons, with the top enhancement bonus he can add being 5.
  • Igor can add enhancement bonus on armor with the top enhancement bonus he can add being 5. He can also to armor regeneration and permanent light effects.
  • In order to ask Igor to enhance a weapon or an armor, the Princess has to hold the weapon in right hand or wear the armor. There is no way to ask Igor to enhance equipment the Princess cannot use by herself.
  • The Princess, being beautiful young lass, can work out amicable arrangement with Igor, possibly repairing damaged armor for free.
  • Igor is not the only one blacksmith on the block who knows how to enhance equipment. There will be plenty of similarly skilled blacksmiths in Part 2. But they do will be shorter and much more hairy.