A Dance with Rogues

The Isle of Prisoners is an island found deep within Dhorn territory, on the Lake of Sorrow (near Moonville). The island hosts one of the most secure Dhorn prisons, located in an ancient underground tomb. Levels unoccupied by the Dhorn are swarming with undead and separated from the other areas with heavy doors. The Isle of Prisoners can only be reached by ship or magic. Dhorn citizens are afraid to talk about it and Dhorn soldiers who serve on the island dread the experience.

The surface of the island is mostly in ruin, but there are two remaining structures - the old barracks and a heavily fortified Dhorn outpost. An old prison can be found below the barracks.


The history of the Isle of Prisoners has been pieced together with dialog from a few different sources.

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Spoilers follow.

The Isle of Prisoners was once a thriving kingdom, and the giant underground tomb found on the island being it's heart - a castle of King Amraphenneset. The kingdom fell, after the King's new arch mage, known only as the Bishop, has persuaded the King to allow him to perform a ceremony to summon powerful allies from other planes of existence. The ceremony tore a breach between planes and demons poured into the castle, slaughtering many of its residents.

According to the tale of the shadow found on level 6 of the Tomb, the demons have killed all the residents of the castle. According to Maren's tale, it was done by local villagers who turned against the King, blaming him for demons coming from the castle, inspite King's soldiers claims that they have sealed an entrance to the area with the breach. The undisputed fact is that everyone in the castle were killed. Yet, due to the unknown influence beyond the breach, the killed have not died, but turned into undead, cursed for eternity to remain in the place of their demise.

Many years later, the Dhorn have found the island and decided to use it as a prison. When they have discovered that anyone killed there turns into undead, they decided to use this to their advantage and make a prison of undead - people who cannot escape, but can be questioned if needed.


  • Since Maren seems to be amused and beweildered by an idea of existence of Lake of Sorrow above the castle, it can be concluded that the events of the fall of King Amraphenneset's kingdom, have happened very long time ago.
  • A phenomena encountered on the Isle of Prisoners of those killed is that they do not die, but become undead. This is due to the influence of an unknown power, reminiscent of the Temple of Hyath.


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