A Dance with Rogues

In is a diary written by Jachan, which at some point in the story, can be found on the lower level of the Cult Site.

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Spoilers follow.

The diary can be found on Jachan's corpse, which is near an altar, after the Princess returns to the Cult Site from the Isle of Prisoners, and it tells about Jachan's life and his role as a leader of the Cult.


  • Some of the diary text can be interpreted as refering to the Nameless One, pointing out that he was worshiped by somebody in the Moonville area at ancient times.
  • Mentioning of malevolently staring eyes in the darknerss reminds similar visions seen by Frodo in "The Lord of the Ring" by J.R.R Tolkien


The writing in this book is difficult to read as the letters are all twisted and turned, and, what's worse, the train of thoughts is totally chaotic, switching back and forth between actual experiences, musings, presumptions and rambling speeches which seem to be addressed at no one in particular.

From what I gather, the following happened:

Jachan Krows, the writer of the book and apparently the man I met in the jail at Castle Moonville, was the former leader of a band of mercenaries. During his journeys he gained a lot of knowledge about otherwordly creatures, demons and devils to be more specific. One entity named Belphegor, "the Tempter of Souls, Master of Ecstasy, Ruler of Lust", especially sparked his interest, and Jachan converted to become a fervent devotee of this Belphegor. Growing older, Jachan Krows decided to settle down and chose Moonville for his retirement, where he began to form a cult worshipping Belphegor. He did not have difficulties to find followers as the repression of lust and sex, omnipresent in the Dhorn Empire, made quite a lot of people susceptible for his preaching.

One day, Jachan Krows detected the ruined temple outside Moonville while he was out in the forest, hunting. The cult began to use the temple for its rituals and gatherings, and it seemed to be a good choice as the conjuring of demons and devils worked rather well using the temple's ancient installations.

As time passed, Jachan Krows managed to learn more about the nature of the temple. It had apparantly been dedicated to another dark entity, "whose name must not be called". This nameless entity was about death, and undeath. Jachan did not feel drawn to the nature of this being, so he had all the temple's original insignias replaced by those of Belphegor. Jachan Krows and his priests also knew of the portal that connected the temple to the dungeon below the Island of Prisoners, which they sometimes would explore.

A couple of weeks ago, Jachan Krows was arrested by Moonville's guard for practicing demonology, until he managed to escape with, uh, my help. He hid in the temple, which the Dhorn had not been able to track down. The diary ends with Jachan becoming more and more uneasy, claiming he begins to see a pair of bloody red eyes following him in the darkness, staring at him malevolently...