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After the Princess frees the imprisoned cultist, Jachan Krows in Moonville Castle, he gives her a coin and instructs her to come and claim a favour at the Cult Site south of Moonville. This part of the story deals with the Princess's contact with the cultists which will result in her arrival at the Isle of Prisoners.

Spoiler: In the Cult Site the Princess is asked by a Highpriest to participate in an evil ritual involving four Karmanthi's copulating with women. This ritual is supposed to serve as a sacrifice to Numinous Belphegor, who can assist the Princess to get to the Isle of Prisoners. If the Princess agrees to drink the drink offered to her by cultists or is not polite when speaking to the Highpriest, she will be a "focus" of the ritual. Otherwise she will be asked to watch the ritual while Karmanthi will rape an unfamiliar, helpless and frightened women, of unknown origin. The Princess is presented several times with a choice to put a stop to the cultist's ritual either by slaying the Karmanthi or the Highpriest. Later in the story the Princess returns to the Cult Site, the woman will no longer be there.The woman's body also will not be present among the dead cultists, suggesting that she has managed to escape Belphegor's wrath.


  • The Princess will be transported to the Isle of Prisoners disregarding her choice of action with regard to the Cultists and their ritual. The Princess will also receive the same amount of XP points.
  • Watching something very bad happening to a helpless stranger and not doing a thing about it is evil and if the Princess chooses to do so she is rewarded by 10 evil points each time.
  • Once the Princess enters the Cult Site she gets separated from her companions and will meet with them again only later during her exploration of the Isle of Prisoners.
  • The Princess will be able to return to the cult site later to take back the equipment left by her.
  • The Princess doesn't really need to leave her equipment before meeting the Highpriest. Just unequiping the weapons and armor is enough.


See Chapter 4: Moonville Castle and Lake of Sorrow, after Moonville

Button Part Two nav.png This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part Two.
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