A Dance with Rogues

Jacia is a lieutenant in The Family in charge of  "sinister" missions. Her tasks often revolve around helping people to transcend their need for mortal shell. She is a beautiful but macabre woman who is fond of her job. Apparently Jacia has some sort of collection of heads of people killed by her or on her orders. Whether this serves a purpose in arcane experiments or is simply for her own amusement is unclear. Jacia has plenty of knowledge on various poisons, and maintains a poison shop for the benefit of the members of The Family.

Henchman Data[]

  • Ability Scores: STR: 10, DEX: 16, CON: 14, INT: 12, WIS: 10, CHA: 17
    • Jacia joins the Princess' party with 8 levels of sorcerer and 7 levels of rogue. She does not level up until the end of the game.
  • Class: Rogue/Sorcerer
  • Feats: Jacia has a mixture of rogue and sorcerer feats, among which: Uncanny Dodge II, Summon Familiar, Crafting Wand, Brewing Potion and Combat Casting.
  • Equipment: Jacia comes with no equipment of her own and the Princess must provide it for her.


  • Jacia shares portrait with a less sinister character: Dan's mother, Hara Addams.
  • In Part One, Jacia is a level 9 rogue. In Part Two, she has begun picking up levels in sorcerer as well.

Plot Significance[]

YellowExclamation30.png    WARNING
Spoilers follow.

Part One[]

At first Jacia can be found in the hideout in the sewers, but after the Princess returns from Summer Islands she can be found with Master Nathan in the Bear Pit. Jacia offers the Princess the optional quests Jacia's Messenger, Vald's Key, Kill Vald and Dhorn Slayer. She was among the members of The Family who were captured and sent to the Isle of Prisoners near the end of Part One.

The new version of the game (v2.20) reveals that Jacia and Kena, a well-known powerful sorceress, are the same person. Jacia/Kena will be associated with an optional quest, by the end of which she will leave the city. Thus, it becomes obvious that according to the new Valine's scenario, Jacia left Betancuria by her own will, which means she could not be captured and sent to the Isle of Prisoners.

Part Two[]

Jacia is the first lost key member of The Family that can be found in the Isle of Prisoners Tomb, although rescuing her is completely optional. Upon finding her on the 5th level, the party discovers that she has been locked up naked in a small cell and recently been killed. The Princess may choose to use a Rod of Resurrection on her, which will allow her to join her party for a while. She will be in a state of mild amnesia, and doesn't quite remember what happened to her. More interestingly, she seems to have picked up some arcane ability during her stay on the island. Jacia will travel with the Princess through the Planes, until she will be forced to remain in the Volcano while the Princess retrieves Delberg's Statue.

Following the events on the Greenfork Island and depending on the Princess' choice, Jacia can end up either at the House by the Lake, seeking refuge with the rest of the party, or in the forest of Delberg County, where Master Nathan will set camp for The Family members during the return to castle Delberg mission. Same as Master Nathan, Mando Halley and Chella, Jacia will not participate in the rescue operations. If the Princess succeeds, she will move to Castle Delberg with the others, as a part of Master Nathan's plan to set out a new quarter for The Family. If the Princess fails, Jacia will retreat to the House by the Lake with the rest of the members.