A Dance with Rogues
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Jero Fetton is a young Dhorn soldier with brown hair, located in Betancuria. He is Simon's friend and bodyguard, and can usually be found in Tald's Tavern. He propositions the Princess while she is on her way to 23, Knight Street and triggers the Dhorn Love quest.

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The Princess can sleep with Jero for money and convince him to set up a meeting with Simon for the Dhorn Love / Dhorn Slayer quest. He can then be killed along with Simon at Simon's house if that is what the Princess chooses.

Surprisingly with no regard to the Princess' actions regarding Jero during Dhorn Slayer quest the Princess meets Jero once again near the end of the Part One in the Hunting Lodge, where Jero takes part in Bank Raider quest and accompanies the Princess, Simon and Alen Kley through the undergrounds below Castle Betancuria.


  • If the Princess kills Jero during Dhorn Slayer quest, he will later explain her that he was raised along with Simon from the dead by a high standing Dhorn cleric.