A Dance with Rogues
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Joanna Winter lives on the 2nd floor of 17, Riverroad in Betancuria South. She ran away from home in her teens and ended up in a brothel called the Velvet Dancer, later stowing away on one of Master Nathan's boats to escape the life. It's unclear what she does for Nathan, but she has worked for him for several years. There is also evidence that she has some sort of relationship with Nathan. She has four children, all members of the family.

Nathan sends the princess to Mistress Joanna for the details of Lesson 4 and Joanna explains that sensitive documents must be retrieved from a bard named Pia, who fancies pretty girls. Joanna's son Lenton waits outside The Lion's Head Inn to assist with the mission.

Speaking with her makes the Herbal Contraception Tea available (by request) from Sanah Senner's store in Betancuria North.