King of Betancuria is the father of the Princess and a former ruler of the Betancuria. Nathan claims that the King didn't care much about his people, and that his primary concern was the ability of his kingdom to provide soldiers for the many wars he waged. Vico blames the King for causing the Dhorn invasion to the Betancuria and the carnage that followed. It is not clear if such feelings are shared by a general public. It is quite obvious though, that many Betancurians prefer their former King's rule, be it a good or a bad one, to the one established by Dhorn.

Trivia Edit

  • In an earlier and unreleased version of the modules, a Deva appeared to the King and allowed him a glimpse of the future. After the King sees the outcome of his deal with the Bishop, the Deva convinces him to turn his back on the ritual, redeem himself, and save his people. Shortly before the Dhorn stormed the castle, the Bishop prepares for the ritual and tells the King that they must act. The King proclaims his love for his queen Catharina, and his daughter, before killing himself in front of an outraged Bishop.
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