A Dance with Rogues
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"You've gotta be new to the streets. Now leave me be"

This is one of the seven lessons given to the Princess by Master Nathan at the beginning of the story. During the lesson the Princess is meant to learn how to disguise herself, and prove her success by fooling Nathan's guards into believing her to be a beggar girl. The quest is originally received from Nathan, but the Princess must talk with Chella to learn the details, and report to her once she succeeds in disguising herself.

The Princess can seek to solve this quest by use of force, diplomacy or her charms, either through the beggar or through Gaston. Attempting to solve this quest by using "charms" with the beggar will allow accepting the Nightingale optional quest offered by Fino.


"Lesson one is about disguising. See Chella about it."
     -Nathan Geigers


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Spoilers follow.

This is a mandatory quest during Chapter 1 of Part One.

After receiving the quest from Nathan, talk to Chella to learn more about the lesson. You will need to acquire an appropriate outfit and/or some ash you can smear on your face.

Obtaining ash[]

Search the ovens in Chella's kitchen.

Obtaining the outfit[]

Option one[]

You can go to Gaston's Tailor Shop in Betancuria North and ask him to make the outfit for you. You must talk to him a few times and then Bluff (need skill of 3), Persuade (need skill of 4), or Intimidate (need skill of 4) him into agreeing to your request. He will then tell you that he needs a model in order to create the outfit. If you raise your Charisma to 19+, you can model for him and thus acquire the haute couture beggar outfit from him.

Cheap ways to raise Charisma:

  1. Getting a beauty treatment at Carla's Palace of Beauty in Betancuria North will raise Charisma by +3 temporarily. This can be done once per day and costs 25 gold. In the EE remake this option is called "facial makeup" and costs 50 gold.
  2. Wearing the Pretty Dress (Charisma +2) Chella keeps in her room - this does not work in the EE remake, as the dress raises Persuade instead.
  3. In the EE remake only, wearing high heels gives Charisma +2 (and a penalty to Move Silently). You can steal a pair of high heeled boots from one of the bedrooms at 5, Castle Street (one of the houses you break into for Lesson 5) or from Trissa's armoire in your room at the Bear Pit. Add the heels to your equipped outfit by interacting with a mirror such as the one in your bedroom.

These bonuses stack, so since the Princess is required to start with 14 Charisma, you can always raise Charisma to 19 by combining whichever two are available in the version you're playing.

Option two[]

You can speak with the beggar in Betancuria South and ask for his clothes. He can be found in the harbor area, near a burning barrel by Barich's Tavern. There are four possible ways to go about this:

  1. Buy the clothes from him for 50 gold and some sturdy clothes you can buy at Gaston's Tailor Shop in Betancuria North.
  2. Lure him out of sight of the guards by promising him a look at your breasts so that you can hold your knife to his throat to intimidate him into giving you his clothes. This will adjust your alignment towards evil.
  3. Lure him out of sight to kill him without the patrols noticing. This will adjust your alignment towards evil.
  4. Lure him out of sight to "do him a favour". He won't give you his clothes for this option, however; you'll have to buy the clothes, intimidate him or kill him. Additionally, if you choose this option in v1.30 and later versions, Fino will come by and procure the clothes for you if you tell him what you want. This will also start the Nightingale quest.

The resolution[]

Once you have the outfit, return to the kitchens in the Bear Pit and put it on. Depending on your modified Charisma at this point, you may need to use the ash on yourself more than once in order to lower it below 12 (each use lowers Charisma attribute by 2), then speak to Chella. If she believes you are properly disguised, she will present you to the guards upstairs and you will get a reward for finishing this lesson.

After you are done, you may want to take a bath in your room to wash off the ash from your face (taking a bath removes Charisma modifications from makeup or ash). Bathing triggers a meeting with Caron.

(In the EE remake, you need to sleep to remove the penalty from ash.)

Continue Chapter 1 of Part One.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One. The next article is Lesson 2.