A Dance with Rogues
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"Ya go in 'ere, an' if ya manage t'reach an exit alive, y've passed. An' be careful not t' bump into things." - Drago

This is one of the seven lessons given to the Princess by Master Nathan at the beginning of the story. During the lesson the Princess is meant to learn stealth and sneaking. The quest is originally received from Nathan, but the Princess must talk with Drago to learn the details, and report to him once she has succeeded in crossing the sewers.

During the course of this quest the Princess will have encounters that are relevant to other quests as well as will meet for the first time Tony, which will allow the Princess to choose to take Tony the Tiger optional quest.

Spoiler: During her passage trough the sewers the Princess will overhear a conversation between a Dhorn officer and an unidentified man. The unidentified man will promise to help the Dhorn to gather information about the Family. The Princess can tell about this encounter to Master Nathan for XP points. This encounter will be later relevant to the Uncover the Dhorn Spies quest.


  • The whole sewers need not be explored to pass the lesson or have the quest relevant encounters, but it's a good idea to continue the exploration later.
  • After the Princess passes trough the sewers and reaches Stan, she will be given by him a sewer key, which allows her to use sewers for fast transporation trough the city. If the Princess wishes to make full use of this transportation system, she should find all the existing sewer exits, either by exploring the sewers, or by finding them from surface.
"Lesson three is about stealth. Drago will be your teacher. He's working at a warehouse at the harbor in South Betancuria. Be especially careful around the docks. The Dhorn have closed all bordellos in the city so some of the sailors are... desperate."
     -Nathan Geigers


YellowExclamation30.png    WARNING
Spoilers follow.

This is a mandatory quest during Chapter 1 of Part One.

Go to the Warehouse in the harbor area of Betancuria South during the day. The workers won't be there at night and you need to speak with them to get the password for the cellar. Once you know the password ("Stinkfish"), knock on the door and head downstairs. Drago Blake will be waiting for you and will ask you to use stealth to navigate the Sewers. Drago has a small store where you can buy and sell stolen items. Use the store if you need to, then head into the sewers.

Crossing the sewers[]

Sewers 1 pins

Once inside the sewers, you should enter and remain stealthy. There are a number of rats and dire rats as well as a few gelatinous cubes.

Version 1.50

There should be a torch on the path directly in front of you, but use of it will greatly reduce your stealth so it shouldn't be used or only used sparingly. The route through the initial part of the sewers should be fairly straightforward, but you may be able to bypass a large part of it by unlocking the gate to your right (#2) if your lock pick skill is high enough (or if you have some tools). If you are unable to open the door, make your way south to to the second locked gate (#3). If you are unable to open that, head further south, but watch out for the Devourer on the other side of the bridge. Make your way north to the stairs leading up (#4), which leads to the Underground River.

Sewers 2 pins

There are a few more rats and some Sword Spiders in the Underground River. Before entering the main chamber (#7), turn back to the north and speak with Tony Blake (#6) who is working with a few other rogues. This encounter will later trigger the Tony the Tiger quest. Now return to the hallway and make your way south, past the spiders, bashing any webs that block your path, until you reach the stairs down (#8).

You will now find yourself on a different part of the main sewers where you initially entered from the warehouse. Just to the south, around the corner, are some stairs (#10) leading up to an old cellar. There's nowhere to go here, but you can search the trash for items and rest if you need to. Head west on the main path and cross the small bridge, where you should hear some muffled voices in the distance. Continue down the hallway and turn north at the door. As you make your way north, a cutscene should play out, where a Dhorn soldier has a conversation with a mysterious individual. This conversation can be reported to Alfons and Master Nathan and is important for a future quest. Once the scene has finished, head south through the doors, then climb the ladder (#14) into the Ruined House. An old man will greet you and give you a key that unlocks other areas of the sewers with SART access points. He will also open the front door of the house, so you can enter the sewers from Betancuria South.

There are a few things you can do before finishing up in the sewers. The first is to completely explore the sewers (starting from #15), which is entirely optional, but will allow you to fully utilize SART. The second is to stop by The Family's Hideout (#13), which is something you'll have to do eventually and will introduce a few more characters and give you some additional quests.

Version 2.20 (EE Remake)


Version 2.20 sewer map

Your core objectives are the same, but most of the numbers are above have no analog. In the Enhanced Edition, the layout of the sewers has changed significantly. There's a full map of the sewers on the wall next to where Drago is standing - you're starting at "Harbor Warehouse" and trying to get to "Southern Exit."


Route for lesson 3

The most direct route to take is highlighted in green, and you'll be blocked by unpickable gates from taking too many detours. There are several pickable gates along the route.

This mission can quickly go south, so it's a good idea to make a save just before entering the sewers: getting noticed by one enemy can swiftly escalate into getting swarmed. If you do get noticed by a rat or bat, you have several options: let it nip at your heels as you stealth towards a secluded area where you can kill it without attracting more attention, use a gate to block it from following you, or worst case, destealth and try to run back to the warehouse. This last one can be risky, as you'll attract more pursuers and may have trouble re-entering the sewers without being immediately noticed. (If in doubt, remember that NWN allows you to make saves even when you're in combat - you can make a save in a new slot and try another method if your rat-evasion fails.)

Towards the end of the path (when the green path above has you turning right, just before Tony and below the area transition marked 17B), the route will dead-end into a wall, and you'll need to find a hidden door.

Some additional points of interest close by:

  • "Big Lizard" (#16) is where you can start a certain sidequest, though you may need to come back later to uncover the relevant secrets if you're doing Lesson 3 early.
  • When you enter the region of the sewers where the Family Hideout is located (via #17A or #17B), you'll be approached by an urchin who offers to take you to a secret spot for 1 gold. Agree, and they'll take you to the Body Dump Location, where you can eavesdrop on a conversation between a Dhorn soldier and a mysterious individual.
    • This conversation can be reported to Alfons and Master Nathan and is important for a future quest.
    • Make sure your camera is in Top Down mode and not Driving or Chase mode, or you may not be able to see the conversation playing!
  • Just before the exit at #14, you'll run into Tony Blake - meeting him will later trigger the Tony the Tiger quest.
  • The Family's Hideout is at #13 - this will introduce more characters and give you some additional quests
  • The area marked "hard traps" has some high DC traps protecting a bootleg operation. You can chat and trade with them, but the exp from the traps is the biggest reward for exploring here: in the likely event that you're doing this quest before you're ready to handle these traps, save it for later.

When you're ready to leave, use the exit at #14. You'll emerge in the Ruined House, and the old man who lives there will give you a key that will unlock many of the locked gates in the sewers.

Help, I can't get out of the sewers!

A lot of the entrances/exits to the sewers, including the one Stan guards, will pop up the fast travel menu when you get close, which can be confusing. To use the ladder you're currently in front of, click "Stay" in the fast travel menu that pops up, then click the ladder again.

The resolution[]

When you're ready to finish the lesson, you can return to the Sewers after speaking with Stan in the Ruined House, follow the hallway to the west and north (near #15), and utilize SART to quickly transport yourself to the sewer entrance from the Warehouse (#1). Or you can stay topside and make your way south to the Warehouse in the harbor area of Betancuria South and into the basement. Either way, you should speak with Drago and claim your reward.

Once finished, you can return to The Bear Pit and speak with Caron about the lesson.

Continue Chapter 1 of Part One.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One. The previous article is Lesson 2. The next article is Lesson 4.