A Dance with Rogues
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Lesson 4-2

"Tell me, what can I do for you, lovely? And why are you clad in your nighty? -Pia"

This is one of the seven lessons given to the Princess by Master Nathan at the beginning of the story. During the lesson the Princess is meant to learn seduction. The quest is originally received from Nathan along with the others lessons, but the Princess must talk with Joanna Winter, who can be found in an apartment on the top floor of 17, Riverroad (Betancuria South), to learn the details.

For the lesson, important papers must be retrieved from the famous bard Pia, who can usually be found at nights in The Lion's Head Inn. The Princess should seduce Pia and convince her to take the Princess to her room, so that Joanna's son Lenton will be able to rob Pia on the way. For greater effect, the Princess is asked to go to Pia wearing seductive lingerie.


  • This quest introduces the Princess to Pia, a significant character in the story, a future companion to the Princess and one of the possible love interests.
  • A herbal contraception tea becomes available for purchase during this quest. It was added in v1.40.
  • The choices the Princess makes in the dialogue with Pia in the morning may affect whether she is available as a love interest later on. If you wish to romance this beautiful bard, don't hurt her feelings.
  • Intimate encounters may increase your "special skill".
  • The book The Sins of Annelie F., useful for masturbation inspiration, can be acquired from the chest of drawers in Pia's bedroom in The Lion's Head Inn .
"Joanna will explain to you what lesson four is about. She lives in the south district, 17, Riverroad, second floor. North of the Isle of Men."
     -Nathan Geigers


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Spoilers follow.

This is a mandatory quest during Chapter 1 of Part One.

Visit Joanna Winter at her home in the top floor of 17, Riverroad in Betancuria South. A lengthy conversation will follow where she gives you some background information on herself and Master Nathan, and how you can use your looks to your advantage. During the conversation she will mention a tea that prevents conceiving a child, although it is not possible to become pregnant in Part One. Joanna asks you to go to The Lion's Head Inn in Betancuria North and help her son. She will also give you some money to buy some lingerie.

Obtaining the lingerie[]

The Princess may already be in possession of lingerie if you have done the Nightingale quest, the Portrait quest, or the Nice Company quest. In this case you can just keep the money that Joanna gave.

Lingerie can be bought from Talana's Lingerie Store in Betancuria North.

Seducing Pia[]

Once you have the lingerie, wait until it gets dark. Joanna's son Lenton will wait outside The Lion's Head Inn. Talk to him, and he'll tell you to go in and ask for Pia. She is in the side room practicing (during the night; during the day she's upstairs in her suite and you cannot reach her). Open the door and talk to her guard who will let you in if you are wearing the lingerie. Talk to Pia and go upstairs with her.

Things will quickly lead to Pia asking you into her bedroom, even if you would try and succeed in resisting her. You can bypass what happens in her bedroom if you decide to drink so much wine that you won't remember anything afterwards. Otherwise you can engage in an adult scene.

The resolution[]

When you wake up, grab the key and the book (if your character would be interested in it, it's basically an adult fantasy story) from the chest of drawers. Unlock the cabinet in the living room and get the papers. Pia will come out of the bedroom and talk to you, telling you that you have passed the lesson.

After you're done you can go to Caron and speak to him about the lesson.

Continue Chapter 1 of Part One.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One. The previous article is Lesson 3. The next article is Lesson 5.