A Dance with Rogues
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This is one of the seven lessons given to the Princess by Master Nathan at the beginning of the story. During the lesson the Princess is meant to learn pickpocketing. The quest is originally received from Nathan, but the Princess must talk with Yance Thennald, found at the Market (Betancuria North), to learn the details, and report to him once she has the three rings he sends her to get.

Various approaches may be used for obtaining the rings, depending on the target. In addition to stealing, the Princess can use coin, persuasion or her charms to achieve her goals.


  • Getting overly intimate with sailors may be hazardous to your health and reputation.
  • Intimate encounters may increase your "special skill".
"For lesson five you'll see Yance. He can usually be found at the market in North Betancuria."
     -Nathan Geigers


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Yance Thennald

Yance and Timmy in the market

This is a mandatory quest during Chapter 1 of Part One.

After receiving the quest from Nathan, head to the Market in Betancuria North during the day and speak with Yance Thennald. He will ask you to prove yourself by picking the ring from his pocket. Once you have it, and it may take a few attempts, speak with Yance again. He will allow you to keep the ring, which has welcomed enhancements to your lowly rogue skills, and inform you that his assistant has placed three rings around the city and you must acquire these in order to pass the lesson.

Sailor's Copper Ring[]

The copper ring is on the finger of the dark skinned sailor at the harbor in Betancuria South. Either pick his pocket for the ring or speak with the sailor. He will give you the ring in exchange for a little loving or some money (25 gold). Note that if you choose to prostitute yourself, you'll be branded a whore and stand the chance of getting a disease from him.

Soldier's Steel Ring[]

The steel ring is located on the 1st floor of 5, Castle Street in Betancuria North. You will need to break into the house. Watch out for the patrols, as they will attack you should they see you tampering with the lock. Be careful of the dog and get the key from the trapped bookshelf. Proceed upstairs and get the ring from a cabinet in one of the bedrooms.

Herney's Silver Ring[]

The silver ring can be found on the 1st floor of 23, Knight Street in Betancuria West. Before you get there the Dhorn Love quest with Jero will spawn, so you may need to return here after that. Break into the house and proceed upstairs. You can Pick Pocket the ring from Herney or talk to him. In the latter case, Persuade him to hear you out and Bluff (need a skill of 3) or Persuade (need a skill of 4) and then Persuade (need a skill of 8) him into giving you the ring, Pick Pocket it from him while you are talking, or do him a "special favor" for it. Note that you may want to sneak upstairs and search the apartment before talking to Herney, because at the end of the conversation he will throw you out.

The resolution[]

Return to Yance with all three rings to claim your reward.

After you're done, you can speak with Caron about the lesson.

Continue Chapter 1 of Part One.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One. The previous article is Lesson 4. The next article is Lesson 6.