A Dance with Rogues
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"This is not one of yours little games. If you screw up and get caught, you will die." - Alfons

This is one of the seven lessons given to the Princess by Master Nathan at the beginning of the story. During the lesson the Princess is meant to learn to deal with locks and traps. The quest is originally received from Nathan, but the Princess must talk with Alfons in the hideout (sewers) to learn the details.

The Princess must break into the Wizard's Tower on the Isle of Men (Betancuria South) and exchange the wizard's clock with a replica. She must report to Alfons once she has the wizard's clock as a proof of the success of her mission.


  • The Princess will have to complete Lesson 3 for access to the sewers.
  • A clever burglar doesn't leave home without a rope and equipment suitable for sneaking around.
  • This lesson is a real job for The Family, while all the other lessons are tests.

The consequences[]

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Spoilers follow.

The clock the Princess places in the Wizard's Tower is in fact a bomb, which will cause the tower to explode wounding the wizard and killing his guest.

The Princess can confront Alfons about the true nature of the mission. He reveals that the target of the assassination was Perguin, the Chancellor of Betancuria Academy of Magic, who often visited his friend (or lover, according to some rumors) in the tower. The Family was hired to kill the Chancellor out of revenge for removing a student from the Academy while he was teaching there. The client, the father of the expelled student, is a "friend" of The Family, and Alfons will explain that such "friendship" is even more valuable to The Family than the money received for the assassination. As for the wizard who was wounded, Alfons claims that he is a pervert who conducts evil experiments on the poor.

Later, during the Pia is Missing quest the Princess can find in the Academy the Chancellor's note about his policy regarding the need to expel unworthy students without regard to their standing in the society.

"Lesson six is about how to deal with locks, disarming traps and the like. Your teacher for this will be Alfons. He can be found in the sewers."
     -Nathan Geigers


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This is a mandatory quest during Chapter 1 of Part One.

After receiving the quest from Nathan, talk to Alfons in the hideout (sewers). You will have to complete lesson 3 for access to the sewers; Alfons is in the hideout you reach when you enter the sewers through the ruined house and go south. Convince Alfons that you are able to do this job (need a Persuade skill of 4).

Obtaining a rope[]

You can buy a rope from Dalino Derthen in the hideout or from Drago at the warehouse.

Breaking into the Wizard's Tower[]

Wizard's Tower, library floor

The library

Go to Isle of Men (Betancuria South), then to the Wizard's Tower. You will notice an open window on one of the upper floors. Use your rope to climb up, but watch out for patrolling Dhorn, as they will attack you on sight if they catch you trying to break into the tower. You can run away from them if they do attack you.

Inside the tower, first search the library opposite of the window through which you entered. Be careful of the dust elementals (v 1.50) or animated guardians (EE remake 2.20). Pull the lever; you will hear it unlock a door somewhere else.

Go downstairs to the ground floor and look behind the bookshelf; there is a door hidden behind it. While the hell hounds and the golem guarding the floor are in the other room, bash the bookshelf.

Sneak into the cellar and beware of the imp (it mostly spots you anyway so kill it). Get the wizard's key from the chest of drawers in the small study room (and loot the body of the thief in the cell, if you like).

Go back up to the library floor and proceed upstairs. The wizard's key unlocks the door to the wizard's bedroom, but you may want to search the other rooms too (you can rest in the storeroom). Exchange the clocks and hit the road via the window through which you entered.

In the EE remake 2.20, you'll pass the wizard's bedroom on the way back up to where you entered. There is a strange tube near the bed: careful! Interacting with it will send all your equipment down to the laundry basket a floor below.

The resolution[]

Visit Alfons, show him the wizard's clock as a proof that you have exchanged the clocks and get your reward, which will include a Wicked Blade. You can now sell the clock.

If you visit Isle of Men again and go near the tower, you will learn that the top floors have burned down. The city crier in Betancuria North can tell you more (1 gold) and you can confront Alfons about the mission.

After you're done you can go to Caron and speak to him about the lesson. If you're nice to him, you can tell him about the task and, if you are aware of it, how the clock exploded the tower. He will sympathize with you.

Continue Chapter 1 of Part One.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One. The previous article is Lesson 5. The next article is Lesson 7.