A Dance with Rogues

One of the items the Princess must acquire during the Portrait quest is a lock of nymph's hair. This particular item is requested by the wizard Shander Ogderman in return for him teleporting her into the Dhorn Administration building, if the Princess fails the persuasion check or if she is not inclined to spend a night with him.

The lock of hair cannot be bought in the city and must be stolen. In order to do this, the main character must sneak inside Hante Thenneset's shop in Betancuria North and grab it from a chest of drawers placed in the same room.


Shander states that locks of nymph's hair are used for charming spells, but that they've become so rare that the vendors at the academy do not sell them anymore.


It is possible that Shander's desire to obtain a lock of nymph's hair and his total lack of experience with women are connected.