A Dance with Rogues

While exploring the Tomb on the Isle of Prisoners, the Princess will hear beautiful voice singing, which triggers the A Voice in the Dark quest. The voice leads her to a room on the 4th level of the tomb where she will find Maren Amraphenneset. Maren is a young woman with pale skin, leathery wings, and a tail, and is dressed only in knee high boots.

Maren is happy to chat and provides interesting yet not vital information to the Princess concerning the Isle, the Castle, it's inhabitants and the Dhorn, though she can't remember very well what happened exactly to herself. She will ask the Princess to have sex with her in return for her info.

Maren has a very playful nature, that of a carefree princess. She likes to play tricks on the other undead residents of the Isle and finds many uses for her demon tail.

Spoiler: Maren is the undead daughter of King Amraphenneset. Originally a large castle, Maren now lives in what is known as the Isle of Prisoners, a Dhorn prison. She tells that when her father hired a new arch mage, an explosion in the basement of the castle opened a portal to a demon plane. The basement was sealed but while life in the castle appeared to return to normal, the citizens of the kingdom reported demon attacks. When the King did nothing, the populace did a coup on the castle, killing all of its residents and throwing Maren into a jail cell, who eventually died as well. However, the castle residents turned undead. Maren is unclear about the time she has spent haunting the castle. She does recall priests of the cult near Moonville later attempting to find the portal to the demon plane whom she used for sexual entertainment.


  • The Princess can have sex with Maren, but it is somewhat a draining experience.
  • You can hear a slightly different version of the tale of the castle's destruction, told from another perspective by a shadow found on level 6 of the tomb.
  • If Maren doesn't appear, try leaving your henchmen behind and entering the room alone.


  • Prior to Part Two version 1.01, Maren was originally named Valine.
  • Maren's only piece of clothing is a pair of knee-high boots originally named "Valine's Boots".
  • The characters original name has lead to the belief that Maren is meant to represent Valine, the module's author.
  • If sex with dead is called necrophilia, what is the appropriate name for a sex with undead?