A Dance with Rogues
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This optional quest can be received from Mando Halley in the hideout (sewers) once the Princess has finished Lesson 4 and Lesson 6.

Mando wants the Princess to retrieve a valuable statue from the Mayor's Mansion. In order to get into the mansion, she will need to disguise herself as a dancer. For this the Princess should dress up into the Dancer's Dress Mando provides her and go without any other equipment to meet the Majordomo near the entrance to the Mayor's Mansion in Betancuria South. He will search the Princess and let her in. In the mansion the Princess should take part in a performance to the Mayor's guests and then find the statue and steal it.

During this quest the Princess learns that some of Dhorn claims on subjects of morality and sexuality are hypocritical. Either that, or some Dhorn were open enough to embrace some of Betancurian cultural values, following the conquest. It is also discovered that the Dhorn are trying to keep up some of the hierarchy that was in existence before the conquest and that some Betancurian nobles play along.

The quest includes a possible sex scene, but the Princess can avoid it and still finish the quest, without giving an outright refusal, by playing along to a certain point.


  • Unless they are invited somewhere by evil cultists, dancers are supposed to have a legitimate way to leave the building once they are done. It is preferable for a good burglar to leave the scene of crime without leaving a trace.
  • For the duration of this quest the Princess must drop all her belongings except for her "special diary" and the Dancer's Dress. The gear may be left for example in the trunk next to Mando in the hideout.
  • The quest provides an opportunity for increasing the Princess' "special skill".
  • The Princess will lose her dancer's dress during this quest and may end up leaving the mansion without it. When running naked outside, the Princess is risking catching a cold.
  • Sadly the armor material found during this quest cannot be turned into an armor. It is still fun to steal it.
  • In case of a bug, Majordomo can be forced to allow the Princess entry to the Mayor's Mansion by use of console commands.
  • Beginning with Part One v1.50, the statue no longer has the ability to summon a Succubus.


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Spoilers follow.

This is an optional quest during Part One.

Talk to Mando in the hideout (sewers), who wants you to retrieve a statue from the Mayor's Mansion. Get the Dancer's Dress from Mando and deposit all your other gear - apart from your "special diary" - in the chest next to Mando or any other place you feel comfortable with.

Infiltrating the party[]

Mayor's Mansion, Show

Dancers in the mansion

Go to the Mayor's Mansion on the Isle of Men (Betancuria South). The majordomo will allow you in with only the Dancer's Dress and your Special Diary on you. Play along at the dancing scene. Once it is over, talk with the nobleman, Lord Tendenberry, and be nice to him (if you are rude you will be thrown out and the quest is over). You have options (that will affect your options for departing the manor later):

  1. Have somewhat interesting sex with Lord Tendenberry and sneak out of the room after he has fallen asleep. This option allows for bonus XP later on.
  2. Persuade Lord Tendenberry to get you some wine and hit the road while he's getting it for you.

Sneak past the guard at the bottom of the stairs or Bluff (need a skill of 8) him to believe that you have been sent for, and then sneak upstairs. Be careful, as you will be killed on sight if you are caught there!

Bug: If you have problems getting inside the mansion, see the Troubleshooting page.

Finding the statue[]

The map below is for version 1.50. In the EE remake, the layout is slightly different, but the objectives are the same.


Get the Small Silver Key from the Mayor's desk in the first room (#2) on the west side after entering the upper floor (#1).

While exploring the upper floor, you can steal a nice sword from the Dhorn general who is busy with Evana (#5). Find the Mayor, who is busy on the floor of the library (#6), and grab his key from the floor next to him.

Unlock the Mayor's bedroom (#3) using the Mayor's key and grab the statue from the desk near his bed. As you go through the cabinet and bookshelf in the bedroom, a secret door that leads to a hidden room should appear.

Note: In earlier versions of the game the statue was located inside this room. Beginning with v1.50 a captive can be found inside.

Freeing the captive[]

Mayor's Mansion, upper level, captive

A captive in the Mayor's bedroom

After entering the secret room through the hidden door in the Mayor's bedroom (#3), you'll find a man named Sander Gregory being held against his will (#4). The Mayor believes he's an Incubus since women find him so attractive and thinks Sander will be able to grant him these powers as well.

If you decide to free him, use the Small Silver Key to unlock the door. Sander will then speak with you and join your party for the duration of the escape. The escape route is different in the EE remake.

In Version 1.50

Sneak through the corridors to the north east corner of the map and take the stairs up (#7) to the attic.


Use the window (#1) to slip outside and down to the street. A brief conversation will follow and Sander will leave.

Bug: If you free Sander and choose to sneak back downstairs to talk with the Lord, neither the guards or the Lord will take notice of him and once outside the mansion, Sander will initiate a conversation as if he was still in the cell. If this happens, you have three options:
  1. Load an earlier save and exit through the window.
  2. Use the "dm_setvarint Leaving 1" debug mode command on his character then speak with him again and he'll start up the proper conversation, say his thanks and goodbyes, and leave to his home.
  3. Right click on his character and remove from party.

Escape and Resolution[]

There are a few ways for you to make your way out of the mansion in version 1.50:

  1. You can use the window in the attic (intended if you're freeing the captive).
  2. You can just walk out through the front door if you haven't gotten caught yet.
  3. If you slept with Lord Tendenberry, go back to him and wake him up (for bonus XP).

In the EE remake, you can’t escape out the window as it now faces a busier street. Instead, you’ll need to make your way with Sander to the kitchens on the ground floor. There are several dogs in the kitchens: if Sander starts walking towards one to attack, right click him and use the “follow” command. There’s a staircase down to a cellar in the main room of the kitchen. The cellar has a grate to the sewers, where Sander will thank you and leave you to make your scantily-clad way back to the Hideout for your stuff.

Fix Me: Do the other routes still work in EE?

Either way: Now return to Mando for your reward. In the EE remake v2.20, complain to Mando afterwards for not giving you a heads up about the stripping and he’ll ask you to investigate what’s going on in the mansion, triggering the Dance with Death quest.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.