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In the Neverwinter Nights original campaign, and in most modules, it quickly becomes boring to go into each house and take the few gold pieces and minor gems that are in various containers. However, in ADwR Part One and, to a lesser degree, Part Two, it is truly important to leave no stone unturned. The main reason is that you get XP for every unlocked door and trap that you overcome. There are also several places that have an interesting encounter of some sort or another. This will lead you to a few of those, and also point out a couple of things that seem like they should be interesting, but really aren't.

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Spoilers follow.

Betancuria in generalEdit


Betancuria is a large city with people on the streets all day and night (though it is mainly just Dhorn guards at night). All of them have pockets that can be picked. Contrary to popular belief, the nobles do not necessarily carry more wealth than the commoners, though it does seem that the Dhorn guards are not well paid. Also, merchants seem to have an ability to hide their takings and trade goods. People who have had their valuables stolen from their pockets soon learn not to carry anything valuable with them when they go out.

Anyone considering the income possibilities of pickpocketing is well advised to learn the lay of the streets and how to run - and running away is the best option if detected, especially if the mark was a Dhorn. Running around a few corners will normally cause the chase to end.

Locks that can't be pickedEdit

Many of the shopkeepers have doors that go upstairs or down with doors that are locked and require a specific key. The truth is that there is no key. They exist to imply that the shopkeeper has a living area, and that there is nothing there of interest. So don't worry about those.

Betancuria NorthEdit

1, Summer LaneEdit

1, Summer Lane, found between the Bear Pit and the The Lion's Head Inn, has a locked door that can be picked, but it's difficult to do it without one of the guards noticing you. If they do, just run away for a moment and they may lose interest.

Inside, be sure to sneak, as there is a minogon guard. Open up the desk to find some scrolls: First level through forth. Very nice haul.


Gustan Ogders will give you a honey pie that, when eaten, acts as Cure Minor Wounds. You can also buy more of the curative pies, though a potion is usually more effective and cheaper.

2, Acorn StreetEdit

In 2, Acorn Street, to your right as you go in, is an apartment with a little bit of treasure, and a little conversation where you question who your neighbors might be. You can pick this lock before you get your apartment if you wish. The neighbors never do show up.

3, Castle StreetEdit

3, Castle Street, near 5, Castle Street visited in Lesson 5, has some rats in it and a corpse with a tiny amount of treasure.

4, Acorn StreetEdit

4, Acorn Street, the door directly across from the Bear Pit, has a hostile commoner and dog. There is also a trap to disarm and a cabinet with a little treasure.

Bath HouseEdit

Once you have paid the entrance fee to the Bath House, you can rob the locker rooms, which have some decent items. Note that the guards will attack if they see you trying to get into the male side of the bathhouse or notice you breaking into the lockers. Entering the pool grants you Regeneration for a short period.

11, Summer LaneEdit

11, Summer Lane, behind the Tailor Shop, is a hideout of thieves that the Dhorn have "cleaned", leaving only the corpses of the rogues behind. They failed to notice a trapdoor, however, and the chest in the room under it has a decent treasure in it.


  • The Dhorn raiding this hideout may be what ticked Alfons off before Lesson 6.
  • The news of the Town Crier in the beginning of the story may refer to what took place here, although he mentions Betancuria South.
  • In earlier versions of the module this location had live bandits in it and the treasure chest was in the same room with them.

12, Ring PlazaEdit

In 12, Ring Plaza, just outside of the Bear Pit and to the west, is the healer and fortune teller Sanah Senner. For 10 gold she will tell you a vision of your future. You may recognize this prophecy containing glimpses of the story ahead. She drinks a potion to forget all of it. For 100 gold she will cure you of all negative effects.

6, Carnival StreetEdit

6, Carnival Street, next to the Tea Shop, has a girl and a worker in it but no treasure, not worth entering. Just pick the lock for XP.

7, Market PlaceEdit

7, Market Place in the same building as the Tea Shop, just further out into the open area, is the home of Bardo Kross. He will ask for your help with a lock in the cellar. If you follow him downstairs, he will turn into a werewolf and attack you. Make sure you can handle a fight, because you can't get out without the key on his body. There is also a nice gem.

2, Temple StreetEdit

2, Temple Street across the street from the temple is a home to a commoner and her child.

4, Temple StreetEdit

4, Temple Street has some workers in it. You would think there is something of interest here, but there isn't. The workers really have nothing to say.

6, Temple StreetEdit

6, Temple Street is the home of a priest called Terik, who appears in the Nightingale quest. At all other times the house is empty and contains nothing of interest.

8, Temple StreetEdit

8, Temple Street is an empty house that contains nothing of interest except a couple of rats.

10, Temple StreetEdit

10, Temple Street is the home of a hostile commoner with 2 dogs, all of them will attack on sight or on detection if the princess is trying to be stealthy, there is a locked and trapped chest in the room that contains some interesting loot.

Run-down BarracksEdit

Starting with version 1.30, the run-down barracks are part of the Know Your Enemies quest.

Note: In earlier versions of the module, there was an underground crypt beneath the barfacks, with some treasure and a female vampire. A note found in the Dhorn Barracks speaks of a disease affecting the guards in the old barracks, related to the vampire that no longer exists.

Betancuria SouthEdit

The ferryman can take you back and forth between the north part of this area and the south part next to the Swordfish for 1 gold.

The gathered crowdEdit

There is an incident along the northern part of the area where people are gathered. Talk to one of the bystanders and they will tell you that a guard was killed. Then they will all go away with the body.

Dark AlleyEdit

Rick Cars and his gang stalk the dark alley at night. If you brave them, Rick will accost you. In previous versions there was the option to bluff your way out of this situation, however as of v1.50, Rick Cars cannot be reasoned with. Vico gives you a quest regarding Rick in the hideout.

Run-down BuildingEdit

There is a spot near the dark alley you note that the run-down building to the north looks worth exploring. Go in there; there are rats, a chest and a trapdoor. Go down the trapdoor to find a giant spider and two doors behind spider webs you need to bash down. One of the doors leads to the hideout of Rick Cars and his gang (this may help you with the Rick Cars quest). The other door leads to a tomb.

The tombEdit

One of the sarcophagi in the room at the end of the corridor has some (very) minor treasure. At least you can get the XP for picking the lock.

Return to the corridor and note the trap in front of the door to the south. Proceed to find an area with a dead necromancer at the feet of a lonesome zombie. The gear of the late wizard can be "redistributed", and there are some things including a Lesser Magic Bag in the chest. The campfire can't be used for resting.

The sarcophagus in the western chamber has already been robbed, but the sarcophagi in the south and east chambers have some treasure.

17, RiverroadEdit

17, Riverroad is the location for the apartments where you meet Joanna Winter for Lesson 4 and Dan Addams for the quest Pia is Missing.

There is a portcullis that looks like it leads to the cellar and says it needs a key if you try to pick it. There is no key and it leads nowhere. None of the other apartments have anything of interest, just people that tell you to go away.

7, Lark StreetEdit

This apartment behind Ginna's Amazon Shop has a spectre guarding a longsword that does 1d6 fire damage to undead.

Betancuria Ranger GuildEdit

You can pick the locks of the doors to the Ranger Guild's guildmaster's room. If he spots you, you can either Persuade him, let him frisk you if you are not evil, or to talk him into attacking you. He has a key to unlock the exterior doors to the guild.

6, Wharf LaneEdit

6, Wharf Lane in the Southwestern part of the area has a dead Dhorn soldier in it.

Note: This area has changed in version 1.30, see the article for more information.


As you move around the southern docks in the harbor, sailors and other dock workers may approach. Some may initially seem concerned for your well being or make innocent remarks or smalltalk, while others might ask if you're a professional. If you accompany them to the nearby dockhouse and go through with the act, you will be branded a whore and the sailors will actively seek you out once a day for sex. Repeat customers may act differently than the first time, asking for a freebie or exposing themselves to you.

The WildcatEdit

The bordello was closed down by the Dhorn after the invasion of Betancuria. Entering through the side door, there is a chest in the room to the right with some goodies. Bash the spider web (or enter through the front door) and sneak past the spider or kill it. Go up the stairs. The first door on the right has an adult outfit and a whip in it. This has no specific purpose in the game but wearing the outfit produces some entertainment. The next room up has a ghost in it.

Betancuria WestEdit

The round sewer grate behind 4, Westside is an exit for later in the game.

6, Princess' BoulevardEdit

This house was originally at 1, Westside, but has since been moved. Don't let the guards see you pick the lock. Go inside and sneak past the dog to go upstairs. In the room to the right are two ladies doing their thing. Do not disturb them, they will get hostile... wouldn't you? Open the cabinet for an armor with an interesting name and a fairly nice whip. They don't have any other purpose within the game. The other room has some minor loot as well.

3, WestsideEdit

3, Westside contains a large number of rats along with a corpse with some gems.

5, Queen’s RoadEdit

The lock of the front door to 5, Queen’s Road can only be picked before Jero brings you here after you meet him in Tald's Tavern. After that the door is unlocked.

1, Princess' BoulevardEdit

Over in the southwest corner of the area you will go past a building that smells of meat. You can only get into the building if you've accepted the Dhorn Slayer quest from Jacia.

Betancuria ArenaEdit

The arena office has some treasure in it. However, all of the guards in the arena will become hostile if you break in there. They will revert to friendly after you complete Uncover the Dhorn Spies quest.

The patrons watching the fights from the upper level of the arena also make for some good pickpocketing.

The sewersEdit

You can explore the sewers: kill some rats, meet a couple of gelatinous cubes, and get a little treasure here and there. The exits from the sewer must be found and unlocked to use SART.

The hideoutEdit

The hideout of The Family is located in the sewers.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.