A Dance with Rogues
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Important: This quest was introduced in Valine's Extended Edition remake of Part One (this article describes the 2.20 version). The quest, as well as most of the locations and NPCs involved, do not exist in version 1.50.

Some time after completing Risky Business, Mando will give this mission if the Princess asks him for a job. He hasn’t heard from his brother Quin in a while and is getting worried.

Quin was planning to investigate the old Town Hall in the Dhorn quarter, so that’s where he’ll suggest she start.

The Princess will want pretty good stealth for this quest.


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Spoilers follow.

If you got this quest, you told Quin how to get into the Dhorn section, so use the route you told him about. Head to the passage in the sewers in Western Betancuria (easiest place to start is 14 Mercenary’s Way). The gate with a sleeping guard should still be open, letting you into the sewers under the Dhorn quarter. Straight ahead is the Administration building, but that’s not the best route to the town hall: if you haven’t already picked the gate that leads to more of the restricted sewers, do so now (DC 41).

This region has an entrance to the Dhorn Barracks, plus two ladders up to sewer grates. Sneak up a ladder and into the quarter. Note that all Dhorn in this area of the city are hostile (you’re not supposed to be here!), so keep stealthy as you make your way to the old Town Hall labeled on the map.

You’ll enter facing a set of three doors, which all lead to a single large room. Get into the room and you’ll find Quin in deep cover. (He should be alone, but reportedly, if you’ve broken in before this and accidentally left the doors to this room open, there can be other Dhorn inside. If that’s the case, you might need to strategically open and close the doors to get them out without letting any more in.)

Mando is a big worrywart: Quin is perfectly fine and a little annoyed with you for risking his cover like this. Report back to Mando with the good news.