A Dance with Rogues

The Moonville sewers are a means of entry into the Moonville Castle and also traveling between various parts of the city. The entrance to the sewers is locked and only the Steward's key will open it.


  • If the Princess has the party with her, she will be separated from them during the crossing of the sewers. They can be found later near the gate (#4), after Moonville Castle has been explored.


  • In the North side of the map, there is a ladder (#3) which is blocked from outside. By studying the Moonville city map, the player can discover that the exit corresponds to Sioril's Store area.


Moonville, Sewers pins
  1. Stairs up (to Moonville)
  2. To Moonville Harbor
  3. Ladder
  4. Gate
  5. To Moonville: Castle, Cellars


See Chapter 4: Moonville Castle