A Dance with Rogues

Myra is a female human cleric and a member of the Church of the Sun Lord. She accompanies Christano Arniman on his search for the Golden Chalice, an artifact stolen from their temple many years ago. The Princess meets Myra together with Christano in the One Thousand Steps Inn, the pair seemingly at a loss as to how they might continue their quest without an accomplished rogue. In exchange for a generous payment, the Princess agrees to accompany Myra and Christano on their quest.

Gameplay Notes[]

  • Myra's equipment and abilities are that of a traditional cleric with Healing and Sun domains and Extra Turning (of undead).


  • The name Myra is of English origin, and means "admired". It was invented by the poet Fulke Greville, and derived from Myrna or Mary. It is also a known Slavic name, derivative of the word "myr", which means "peace".
  • Myra Waynolt shares a portrait with Joanna Winter.
  • Valine has stated that Christano and Myra are loosely based on a couple she once knew in real life.

Plot Significance[]

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Spoilers follow.

The Past[]

Myra's mother died giving birth to her, and she was raised in a monastery of the Sun Lord. The identity of her father is not known, but according to rumors he was one of the priests of the Sun Lord. Myra herself is appalled by this story and some of her religious fervor may stem from wanting to prove the rumor false. Christano, also an orphan, was raised in the same monastery as Myra.

Part One[]

Myra is romantically involved with Christano Arniman, and it is perhaps out of jealousy that she can be somewhat harsh on the Princess. She is devoted to Christano, and will accuse the Princess should something befall him. It is possible for the Princess to sway this somewhat misplaced dedication, should she prove the severity of Christano's character flaws to Myra in a convincing manner.