A Dance with Rogues

Nathan Geigers (or "Master Nathan") is a leader of a crime syndicate called The Family located in Betancuria, which shelters the Princess. He used to simply be the owner of The Bear Pit tavern, but after witnessing the city of Betancuria sliding into crime and poverty, he decided to form an alliance with other prominent city merchants in order to fight crime. In the process he learned that the best way to control crime is to lead it, and thus The Family was formed.

Nathan is in his late middle ages. He has a romantic relationship with Joanna. He gives an impression of being cold and ruthless, though it's unclear how much of it actually reflects his true nature. Chella describes him as a "grumpy bear" who "has a big heart somewhere deep inside" even if he "likes playing the tough guy".

It is implied by some members of the family that Nathan's treatment of the Princess is privileged. Some believe that Nathan sees in the Princess a daughter figure, while others think he has a sexual interest or considers her a source of pride, having "a royal" in The Family. Nathan makes no sexual advances towards the Princess, however, and has provided her with a new albeit somewhat seedy life. Even though it looks as if Nathan harbors some positive or even paternal feelings towards the Princess, it can be argued that "when push comes to shove" he puts the good of The Family above her personal well-being; and his own, for that matter.

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Spoilers follow.

Part One[]

In the beginning of Part One, Master Nathan will provide the Princess with 7 tasks, also known as The Seven Lessons which will constitute her initiation in The Family. Most likely orchestrated by him is also a loyalty test, which the main character must pass or be killed by Vico. After she passes the trials and is officially welcomed into to organization, another assignment from Nathan will follow shortly, Uncover the Dhorn Spies. For the duration of Part One, the Princess' assignments will be granted either by him, or by Alfons in the Hideout. Nonetheless, the Princess can always come and talk to Master Nathan about her adventures, in order to ask for advice, to be congratulated or to be reprimanded, if that is the case.

Close to the end of Part One Nathan is captured by Dhorn and sent to Isle of Prisoners, along with other proeminent members of The Family. Alfons decides to send the Princess, alongside Vico and possibly Pia, having Anden Goodmanner as a guide, into the heart of the Dhorn Empire in order to rescue the captive Family members.

Part Two[]

The Princess will not meet Master Nathan again until towards the end of Part Two. Inside the Volcano from the Planes, the Old Man will strike a deal with her: in order to bring back the Family members who were previously killed and imprisoned by the Dhorn, she will have to retrieve a statue for him from Castle Delberg. Seeing as she really had no choice, the Princess complies with his request, only to be killed, her memory erased and thrown in the middle of a plot orchestrated by Arto Benthur.

It is here, on the Greenfork Island that she will meet Master Nathan again. He will explain what has happened so far with him and Mando Halley. Apparently, they have been summoned inside the Volcano by the Old Man and invited to pass through a portal, which he claimed would take them to Betancuria. Master Nathan refused and simply walked away taking the other Family members with him. They later learned that the portal would have taken them to a Dhorn prison newly built in Betancuria. Joining forces with them on the Planes were Cytan, Tieravalon Danu and Marissa Tanner. Together they set out towards Moonville and from there on they tracked the Princess.

Master Nathan will also provide her with choices for dealing with the situation at hand. Among them, he will state his wishes that the Princess marries Arto Benthur, so that they could once more rule Betancuria from the shadows. Regardless of the Princess’ choice, he will fully support and accompany her. There are two possible locations in which Master Nathan can end up. If the Princess returns to Delberg to help the Earl in his war against the orcs, Master Nathan will set camp in the forest of Delberg County, but will not participate in the rescue operations. If she succeeds, the entire party will remain at Castle Delberg. If she fails, they will retreat to the House by the Lake. In case the Princess does not return to Delberg, but chooses to escape Greenfork Castle and simply retreats somewhere safe, the party’s location and implicit Master Nathan’s will be, again, the House by the Lake.


  • Nathan's name comes from Hebrew and means "given", or "someone who gave".
  • According to Vico, Nathan has fathered a daughter, of whom the Princess may remind him. Nothing more is known of her, however.
  • Coincidentally, Chella of The Bear Pit had a daughter as well. She died of a fever some years ago.
  • Nathan has quite an amount of sins to atone for, as in earlier versions of the module the Princess had to venture to hell in order to retrieve his soul.