A Dance with Rogues
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Once the Princess has visited the Swordfish, possibly during Jacia's Messenger quest, Mando Halley in the hideout in the sewers will offer this quest. He will ask her to be on the following evening in an apartment found in Betancuria North, 19, Acorn Street, where she is supposed to provide "nice company" to a man. The Princess is asked to get as much information as possible from this man and report it to Mando later. During this quest the Princess mainly uses her diplomatic skills.

Spoiler: During this quest the Princess learns about Arto Benthur and his devious nature. She learns that Arto is a special agent - a colonel in Dhorn army whose job is to track and kill prostitutes. She also learns that he took part in the assault on Betancuria Castle and witnessed the death of the Princess's mother. Arto's behaviour during this mission also suggests that he at least had suspicions with regard to the true identity of the Princess.


  • This quest will not be offered unless the attempted molestation scene in the Swordfish has been triggered. The scene will only trigger if you have not already completed the Captured quest. See the Troubleshooting page for help.
  • This quest is time sensitive, thus the Princess should be careful not to miss her date.
  • If the Princess tries to enter the apartment the day before the date, she will be told that it is the wrong day. When the Princess enters the apartment on the right day but before the time of the meeting, she is given an option to wait for her date by sitting on a couch. This will advance the clock to the required time.
  • For plot purposes this quest should be done before the Golden Chalice quest. If the princess tries the quest after the Golden Chalice quest then the customer will not turn up, which is treated by Mando as the princess missing the appointment.
  • In v1.30 and earlier, Arto wasn't aware of the deception. His role was one of Dhorn military commander who genuinely looked for some company, although never sexual in nature. During this quest the Princess could learn about the patriarchic views that the Dhorn have on a woman's role in their society and the importance of marriage. She also learns that the Dhorn public position on the carnage in the Betancuria Castle is that all its inhabitants were killed by orders from King of Betancuria and not by Dhorn hands, and that Arto Benthur took part in the assault on the castle.


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Spoilers follow.

This quest becomes available once you have been to The Swordfish (for whatever reason; idle curiosity or the Jacia's Messenger quest).

Mando, who is in the hideout (sewers), wants you to entertain a Dhorn soldier and use this opportunity to find out a little more about them. He will give you the key to 19, Acorn Street, where the meeting is to take place.

The meeting[]

19, Acorn Street

A cloaked figure approaches

You need to be at 19, Acorn Street before 9pm the following evening. If you do not show up or are late, you cannot finish the quest and will get a reproach from Mando.

If you arrive early, you can explore the apartment and pick through the crates in the kitchen and the cabinet and armoire in the small room through the bedroom. When you're ready for your date, head back to the main room and use the dialog to sit and wait until he arrives. After a short while, a cloaked figure will enter the room and approach. He will take off his hood and reveal himself as Arto Benthur, a Dhorn soldier you may have previously met in the Swordfish.

Following a lengthy conversation, Arto will attempt to strangle you and set the building on fire. The main exit has been blocked, but there is a secret exit near the cabinet and armoire in the back bedroom. Quickly make your way through the bedroom to the back room and wait for the trap door to appear. Enter when it does and you will drop into the Sewers. It is not a very deep fall and at least you're safe.

The resolution[]

Return to Mando and give him your report. He will apologize and will also reveal that the middle man who to arranged the meeting was a Sargovian smuggler.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.