A Dance with Rogues
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Superlgn The Princess Entertaining Guests

A lady of the evening

The quest is received from Fino Klender in Betancuria South. He approaches the Princess after she has unsuccessfully tried to obtain the beggar's clothes by doing him sexual favors. Fino offers the Princess his assistance and an opportunity to earn some coin.

During this quest Fino will pimp the Princess to clients with "special" tastes in sex, and split the profit with her. The first client is Terik Lannesen, a former priest. The second client is Trenton Galley, a broke noble who lost everything during the attack on Betancuria. The third client is a group of three men in Betancuria West.


  • If the Princess runs out from a meeting with a client, Fino will yell at her, hit her and leave her, thus completing the quest.
  • The bath and the bed in Fino's home can be used only during this quest.
  • If the Princess tries to rob Fino's attic while he's at home, he will rush up and attack her.
  • A smart Princess doesn't meet strangers while carrying a fortune in her pockets.
  • Starting with v1.40, another type of treatment becomes available at Carla's Beauty Palace when preparing for the third client.

Known bugs[]

  • The Princess must be at full health when meeting with the third client. Otherwise, the game will break and last save will have to be loaded.
  • Fino sometimes disappears from his home. It's unclear what causes this, but it may be due to the Princess doing other quests between the meetings with the clients or failing to return to Fino quickly enough for the third meeting.
  • In the EE remake (version 2.20), Fino can approach the Princess even if she declined the beggar's deal. It is not clear that this was intended, as he will talk as though he just witnessed the conversation with the beggar even when approaching the Princess several days later on a different visit to Betancuria South.


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Spoilers follow.
Fino Klender

Fino Klender

This is an optional quest during Part One and can be finished as early as during Chapter 1.

Lesson 1 requires you to obtain some beggar's clothes and the beggar near Barich's Tavern in Betancuria South is an ideal target (actually he's the only target). You can acquire his clothing for 50 gold pieces and some sturdy clothes from Gaston's Tailor Shop in Betancuria North, or agree to show him your breasts instead. If you agree to the latter, the beggar will lead you behind the nearby Warehouse. You can show him your breasts and even offer to pleasure him in other ways, but he will end up going back on his word. Fino Klender, a local pimp, will catch you and the beggar together and approach you as you leave the area. If you explain the situation, he'll speak with the beggar and acquire his clothes for you. Fino will offer you the chance to earn some serious coin in exchange for you spending time with his clients. He invites you to his home (located behind the Ranger Guild) if you're interested.

If you visit his home, Fino will happily greet you and immediately take you to the first client.

The first client[]

Upon your arrival at 6, Temple Street, you'll be told that the client's name is Terik Lannesen, a former priest, and given a special robe. Terik has a calling to save the innocent from their inevitable sins. He prefers women of habit - a nun's robe, that is - and considers his seed so holy that it purifies the recipient. Play along if you want the coin; that's what this business is all about. After successfully entertaining Terik, Fino will split 250 gold pieces with you. He'll then invite you back to his home so you can clean up.

The second client[]

Fino will greet you when you return and say he's got another client lined up. The client is Trenton Galley, a wealthy merchant who lives on the Isle of Men in Betancuria South. Trenton lost most of his family during the Dhorn invasion and has been withdrawn ever since. Fino will present you with some lingerie and boots and a navy blue cloak, then take you to the Galley House. Trenton's funds appear to be dwindling as well and he now looks to spend the remainder of his money for some time with a beautiful young woman. After taking good care of Trenton and leaving him a special gift, Fino will split 500 gold pieces. Once again you'll be asked back to his house so you can clean up.

The third client[]

When you return, Fino will angrily greet you as there are paying customers waiting for your services. He informs you that your next client will be paying handsomely and he wants you to look like a princess. If you don't have enough natural charms (CHA 17+), he'll ask you to visit Carla's Beauty Palace in Betancuria North to get some make-up, have your hair done, and your pubic hair shaved. If it's late, the Beauty Palace will be closed and you'll need to wait until morning.

Tip: This can be a dangerous business at times, so you may want to stash your valuables (specifically your money) somewhere safe for this one.
Bug: It's best to visit the Beauty Palace and return to Fino immediately after your treatment. Also, make sure you're at full health before leaving to meet the client or a scripting bug will halt the game and you'll have to reload from an earlier save. See the Troubleshooting page[1][2] for more information.

Once Fino is happy with your appearance, he'll give you a beautiful blue dress to wear and you'll be taken to a house in Betancuria West where a group of three men will be waiting. The men are pleased with your noble appearance. It looks like you could be a busy girl, but without warning one of the men slashes your throat. Unconscious and badly injured, you're taken a meeting in the sewers.

The sewers[]

Sewers Nightingale pins

One of the men has arranged for a meeting in the sewers with a Dhorn General named Kale Sigerthur. He carries you there and tries to convince the General that you are the Princess of Betancuria, ironically unaware of your true identity. General Sigerthur explains that Fino was under close watch by the Dhorn and that he recognizes you as one of his girls. The General kills the con man on the spot and leaves you both to the rats. You're hurting, but still alive. There's a short sword and a dagger on the body of the man, which you may want to grab until you get out of the sewers and get your belongings back.

The northern exit (#2) leads to a grate in Betancuria West. A ladder at the southern exit (#3) leads right back into 3, Westside, and the cabinet where your equipment has been stored. Any gold you were carrying is gone, unless you stashed it for safekeeping beforehand.

The resolution[]

Fino also had his throat slit, although he wasn't as lucky as you. His body can be found near 23, Knight Street (#6 on the Betancuria West minimap), south of 3, Westside and east of the Dhorn Administration building. He has two short swords, a torch, and a few gold pieces. In his loving memory, you can go and plunder the rest of the profit he made with you from the large chest in his attic on the 2nd floor.

If you return to Trenton Galley's house in Betancuria South, you will find that he has committed suicide in his basement next to an open coffin, with the coffins of his family members beside him.

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