A Dance with Rogues

The Princess meets Norah originally in Westwood during Chapter 1 in the beginning of Part Two together with her brother Bran. The siblings can later be persuaded to join her party after her raid on Westwood Castle.

Henchman Data[]

  • Ability Scores:STR: 16, DEX: 15, CON: 14, INT: 10, WIS: 10, CHA: 10
  • Class: Norah is a barbarian, but can be leveled up as a rogue as well.
  • Feats: Norah has Two Weapons Fighting and Ambidexterity feat, but doesn't gain Imp. Weapons Fighting feat. She also has Weapon Finess feat and Weapon Focus and Imp. Critical in greatsword.
  • Equipment: Norah's Armor, Heat, Norah's Amulet, Boots of Striding +2, Ring of Protection +3.


  • Norah was added to Part Two in version 1.12b.

Plot Significance[]

YellowExclamation30.png    WARNING
Spoilers follow.

The Past[]

Bran and Nora descend from a warring clans of Canoo Mountains in the land of Churn. The two were the only survivors of their clan when they were slaughtered by a rival clan led by shaman called Chruz-Pa or "Blood King", an evil man they now persecute, to avenge their ancestors fate. Being children they were taken by the victors to be used as a sacrifice to Gods, but has managed to stay alive and later escaped thanks to a revolt which broke against the Chruz-Pa in his clan. Since then, they have been travelling with the sole purpose of finding this man, a path which led them far from the their homeland.

Part One[]

Norah doesn't appear during Part One.

Part Two[]

Norah joins the Princess in Westwood along with Bran and follows the Princess through her exploration of Abandoned Mine. Norah developes friendly relationship with Anden Goodmanner which will turn into romance if the Princess shows no interest in him. If the Princess romances Bran, Norah will stay along with Bran in the party after party's rest in Dwarven Inn, otherwise she will leave together with Bran. However, if you did not rescue Vico from the Dhorn prison cell in Westwood, so he is no longer in the group, then Bran and Norah will remain with the Princess after the rest, irrespective of any romance with Bran. Norah gets separated from the Princess for the rest of the story after the capture of the party by drow during exploration of the Underdark. A cutscene of Arto's interrogation of Will Krows, shows two Dhorn soldiers accompanying him.  If you place the cursor on the soldiers, you will see they are Anden Goodmanner and Norah, indicating that Norah was rescued and recruited by the Dhorn like Anden. (While sometimes you can find invisible party members by moving your mouse around during cutscenes, this particular scene is after both characters have left the party, and if Norah was not brought into the Underdark, Arto is only accompanied by the Anden soldier.)