A Dance with Rogues
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The area outside northern Betancuria is mostly unremarkable. There is a road leading north-south and a few structures, including a ruined house that can be used for resting. The road to the north west leads to the Great River and the road to the north east leads to the King's Forest.

Spoiler: The area is used during the Welcome Home quest, when the Princess and her party are searching for the Hunting Lodge, which is where Master Nathan and other members of the Family are behing held following the Dhorn attack on the Bear Pit.


Outside Betancuria pins
Outside Betancuria 2 pins


  1. Passage
  2. Betancuria City Gates
  3. Ruined House
  4. to King's Forest
  5. to Outside Betancuria (#7)
  6. Over the courtyard wall
  7. to Outside Betancuria (#5)