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This walkthrough contains major spoilers. Only read it if you are stuck in a certain part of the game or if you don't mind being spoiled. To facilitate this, this document has been broken into sections pertaining to major parts, hereafter known as chapters.

Note that in addition to the quests, there are quite a lot of conversations to have, areas to explore and things to do. Most of the houses in Betancuria as well as other areas can be entered that are not quests per se, but mini dungeons to explore or just a couple of homes you could plunder.

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Spoilers follow.

General NotesEdit

  • The date and the time of the day have relevance in the game.
    • All shops are closed during nighttime, including the outdoor merchants.
    • Some locations, such as The Swordfish, are accessible only at nighttime.
    • Betancuria Arena is open on set evenings only.
    • Some quests must be completed at a set time, for example "tomorrow evening".
    • Some activities take time. E.g. bathing takes an hour and a treatment in Carla's Beauty Palace takes 2-3 hours. Also reading erotica and pleasuring yourself may advance the time.
  • SART is a convenient way of traveling between the parts of Betancuria once you have access to the sewers.
  • If you need to sell any contraband you may want to sell it to Drago at the warehouse instead of selling it to Dalino Derthen in the hideout, since the latter becomes unavailable later in the game and you may want to keep the option of buying things back.

Prologue - Attack on Betancuria CastleEdit

The beginning of Part One of A Dance with Rogues finds your character, the Princess, in her room. Speak to the maid, then watch as a Dhorn captain and some soldiers break into your room. When Shira is killed, you can choose to break free (requires a Strength check), wriggle away (requires a Tumble check) or bluff (requires a Bluff check). When the Dhorn captain is distracted, quickly slip past him. Watch your character run through the castle until Vico snatches her and things go black. A scene will occur in which Vico will force himself upon you. You can fight or not, the result will be the same.

After Vico is done, you can choose to follow him or refuse:

  1. If you follow him, you will be given a worn dress and follow him to the Bear Pit where you meet Nathan and Chella with some modesty.
  2. If refuse to go with him, he will knock you unconscious and take you with him to the Bear Pit without any clothes on.
Note: If you're crashing during the chase scene, see the Troubleshooting page.

Mandatory QuestsEdit

Chapter 1 - The Seven LessonsEdit

Go to Chella and she will tell you that Master Nathan wants to talk to you. On your way upstairs, you will run into Caron. He is friendly towards you, and in the future you will be able to tell him about your lessons. You can also speak to Trissa (in the kitchen of the Bear Pit) who will tell you to stay away from Caron. After you talk to her, you can ask Caron whether or not he has a relationship with her.

Go upstairs to meet Nathan. He will tell you that you must go through seven lessons.


As Nathan mentions, you can complete the lessons in the order you like. Lesson 7 requires the Princess to have risen to level 3 and finished the Mysterious Note quest, however.

It is a good idea to have a chat with Caron after passing each lesson. It also doesn't hurt to visit Master Nathan on occasion, because he may have insights on other quests you may gain while working on the lessons.

The QuestsEdit

The ConclusionEdit

Once all seven lessons are showing up as "finished" in your journal, go and see Nathan. He will tell you about The Family and welcome you as a true member. He will also give you the key to your own apartment at 2, Acorn Street (Betancuria North).

Chapter 2 - Proving Your MettleEdit

We move on to Chapter 2 once Nathan has welcomed you into The Family and given you your own apartment.


Now that you have your own place you can store your excessive items there. In the privacy of your own bedroom you can also pleasure yourself if your character is so inclined (paying a visit to the Beauty Shop at Northern Betancuria for some intimate beauty treatment may be required for that) increasing your skills in the Arts of Love.

The QuestsEdit

The quests may be completed in either order. Note that The Golden Chalice quest is a time consuming quest and should be done when you have no time sensitive quests active.

The ConclusionEdit

Once the quests are completed (including the little interlude with the Dhorn), the story proceeds with Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 - Damsels in DistressEdit

After you complete the two mandatory quests in Chapter 2, head over to the hideout and talk to Alfons. He will inquire about your adventures and assign you a new mission. Pia was supposed to do a burglary job at the Academy, but something must not have gone quite as planned, since the bard and occasionally rogue has yet to return. Your task is to find her and bring her back. When entering Betancuria North you will also be given a sample of Dhorn hospitality after being Captured.


A large part of Chapter 3 takes place outside Betancuria. A smart princess will indulge in a serious session of shopping before adventuring in unknown lands.

The QuestsEdit

The ConclusionEdit

A the end of your adventures in Ravenstown, you will be given a once in a lifetime ride back home and you'll be dropped on the Road to Betancuria, from where you and the former damsel in distress can return home.

Chapter 4 - Back in BetancuriaEdit

Once you have rescued Pia, Alfons will tell you that Nathan wants to see you. Head to the Bear Pit, which will be attacked by Dhorn upon your entry. See Welcome Home for further details.

Go to the sewers and tell Alfons what has happened. He will give orders to abandon the hideout immediately. On your way out you will encounter more Dhorn, but they will be relatively easy to kill.

Meet Alfons at Barich's Tavern (harbor area in Southern Betancuria, opposite to the Wild Cat). Alfons will send you on a mission to gather information about the whereabouts of Nathan and the other captives who might have been taken to a place called The Hunting Lodge in the King's Forest. While seeking a way into the compound, you will be captured by Simon Lyonson who will recruit you for a robbing mission through the undergrounds below Castle Betancuria. See Bank Raider for more details.

When you have the needed information and brought yourself back to the surface, Alfons and the rest of the gang will intercept you. Tell him what you have found out. He will take you to a ruined house outside Betancuria, where a meeting will take place between the members of The Family. When that's dealt with, save your character and proceed to Part Two.

If you do not have Anden in your party, you have to recruit him, as he will be your guide for the first part of part two. Anden should be at the Ranger's Guild (Southern Betancuria, or wherever you last left him).

Optional QuestsEdit

  • Miniquests in Part 1 lists additional points of interest that the Princess can explore during the story.


This originated from the walkthrough for Part One on the page for ADwR Part One in Neverwinter Nights Vault. The original author is unknown, but it was later updated by KooKoo. The header contained:

  • Written: 17 March 2006
  • Last Updated: 27 November 2006
  • Update by KooKoo for version 2.1: 10 March 2008
  • Update to add points of interest: 13 April 2008

Since it was added to the wiki, the walkthrough has been updated profusely by various authors to cover the changes brought by module version 1.40 and 1.50, as well as to increase its accuracy on other accounts.

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