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This is the story of a young woman whose world is shattered into pieces on a single dark night. Formerly the Princess of a mighty kingdom, she barely survives when the enemies of her Lord Father kill her family, her loved ones and her friends. Suddenly alone in a cruel world, hiding from the people who wish to see her dead, she finds help where she’d least expect it. Sheltered by a group of thugs and thieves, her life now takes a very different line. But her enemies remain the same. Part Two covers the events following Part One, the Princess' journey into the Dhorn Empire to save her friends.

Plot synopsis[]

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Part Two starts off with the journey towards the Isle of Prisoners, where Master Nathan, Chella and other members of the family have been taken captive by the Dhorn. The princess, along with Vico, Pia* and Anden set sail first towards Westwood, a town near the Black Mountains. In Westwood, the Princess meets two barbarian siblings, Bran and Norah, and a dwarven cleric named Gemli. They may join her party.

Shortly, they reach an abandoned mine which is to provide a gateway through the mountains into Dhorn territory. In a journey that involves numerous battles with minions of the deep and even a dragon, the party burrows deeper below the mountains till they reach the Underdark, where they encounter drow death squads, kobold bands, skeletons and undead dragons. As the danger mounts, the Princess is separated from her companions and enslaved by a Drow named Rizzen. Eventually, she and Rizzen, who is now pursued by his own kind, escape the Underdark, along with what is left of her companions.

Emerging on the surface, the party finally reach Dhorn lands. Little does the Princess know that she is in hot pursuit by Arto Benthur. In the city of Moonville, they get clues on the location of the Isle of Prisoners. A lead brings her to an abandoned temple which happens to be a cultist haven. The Princess is again separated from her companions when she is transported by an evil demon straight to the Isle of Prisoners.

She sneaks down to the prison, but instead of prisoners, she encounters a castle ruin teeming with undead. Exploring the vast complex, she manages to find her way back to her companions before they again descend back into the foreboding tomb. The party manages to get into the actual prison side of the Isle, where it is scantily-guarded by Dhorn soldiers. They learn that the Dhorn were making use of the curse which affected the castle's residents. When a prisoner was brought to the Isle, they were killed, but the demonic curse upon the Isle left them undead. If the Dhorn wanted to re-interrogate a prisoner, they would simply reanimate them. Soon, the party finds scores of undead prisoners, but no sign of Nathan and the others, save for Jacia, who had been killed and turned undead. They resurrect her. However, falling from a collapsed bridge, the party finds itself transported to another Plane.

A strange old man, promising to bring back Nathan and the others, forces the Princess to return to her Plane to steal a statue in the tiny kingdom of Delberg. His demon henchman, Hyath, sends her to Delberg, which is under threat by a large band of orcs. Finding her way into the Castle Delberg, she is met by nobles who recognize her. Stealthily, she manages to steal the statue and barely escapes a plan hatched by some of the nobles to turn her into the Dhorn. If Earl Delberg is on her side, she promises to return to save Delberg from the orcs.

However, upon returning to Hyath, he kills her. Waking up weak and disoriented in Castle Greenfork, she meets someone who appears to be her father, who explains that she had been bed-ridden with a fever for many months. Unsure of whether all that had happened to her over the last few months was simply a dream, she is then told that she is to marry the Dhorn Arto Benthur. If the Princess is aware of some deception, she discovers that Nathan is real and is very much alive, and that she had been infected with an inactive demon pox by Hyath. Nathan gives her two choices: either marry Arto, which when she puts on her wedding ring, will cause the demon pox to become active, killing Arto and all those in the vicinity, including herself, or, to run away, living the rest of her life as a fugitive, but with her friends and, if there is one, her lover, who have returned unscathed from the Planes. The Princess may also decide to return to Delberg to save Earl Delberg. He will then award her his kingdom. Her ascension to the rule of Delberg possibly enables her to eventually overthrow the Dhorn Empire someday, although that is another story for another time...

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