A Dance with Rogues
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Greenfork Island

The Island

After completing her task for the Old Man and reporting back to Hyath, the Princess finds herself in Greenfork Castle. For the most part, this chapter can be a bit confusing, but it is also a brief respite from the violence that the Princess has faced for most of Part Two.


During this chapter, the Princess must make an important choice that has a significant impact on her future.


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Greenfork Castle[]

Greenfork Castle, Main Level

A dinner party on the main level

After stealing the statue from Delberg Castle, your talk with Hyath doesn't end very well. Following a fight that you couldn't possibly win, you find yourself in a bedroom inside Greenfork Castle. Things are a bit confusing at first. There's some voices in the darkness and you're in and out of consciousness for the next few days, then your father comes to visit. Not only are you finally safe from Orcs, the Drow, and the Dhorn, but your father is still alive! It's hard to believe, but here you are.

Eventually you feel up to a dinner. Make your way to the table, then sit down. Introductions are made around the table, then a Dhorn named Arto speaks up and asks for your hand in marriage. Your father asks you to consider the union and you head back upstairs. Upon returning to your room, you'll notice a drawer is ajar. After further inspection, you'll see a note, some rope, and a set of lock pick tools.

The note requests your presence outside the castle, and suggests you use the window to make your way out. After leaving through the window, one Anden Goodmanner greets you. You no doubt have a number of questions, but that will have to wait. Following the conversation, he'll lead you to Greenfork Island.

Greenfork Island[]

Greenfork Island

A gathering on the Island

After arriving on Greenfork Island, a small party is there to greet you. Including a man who reveals himself to be Master Nathan. They explain the unfortunate truth, your father is still dead and that this merely is a ruse by the Dhorn.

Nathan has a few ideas, including the possibility of escape, or following through with the marriage for the greater good, in order to take down the Dhorn Empire from the inside. As it turns out, you were infected with the Demon Pox by the old man in the Volcano, in an attempt to kill the inhabitants of Delberg Castle. Nathan believes you were reinfected with the demon pox before being sent to Greenfork Castle, and that the demon pox will become active when you touch your wedding ring. You can choose to sacrifice yourself and likely kill a large population of the Dhorn Empire, or let Nathan melt the ring down and try to take the Dhorn Empire down from the inside. If Earl Delberg survived the fight after the heated meeting in Delberg Castle and you promised to return to help with with the Orcs, another option becomes available - to return to Delberg Castle.

Possible Endings[]

  • If you choose escape, you and your party will be seen near a small cabin in a remote area, and you'll find yourself asking if you made the right choice.
  • If you choose the marriage and have Master Nathan melt down the ring, the wedding sequence will play.
  • If you choose the marriage and decide to sacrifice yourself by keeping the ring, the wedding sequence will play, followed by a scene that shows Arto Benthur become infected by the demon pox.
  • If you choose to return and help the Earl, you're not done yet. You and your party will regroup in the forest of Delberg County.

Return to Delberg[]

After deciding to return to help Earl Delberg with the Orcs, you and your party will set off from Greenfork Castle on a long journey, and regroup in the forest of Delberg County. If you assisted the trio from the Ruined Tower in their search for Morias Datter, they'll join the fight as well. Also, you can take the Hound from the Volcano as a companion. Speak with your party members at a campfire near the Ruined Tower, then head into the Orc camp, which should look like a ghost town.

Tip: If you haven't killed the Green Dragon from the deeper forest and you'd like to gain an additional 1000XP points, now's the time. With a such a large party, the battle is easy enough. After you've killed it, you can obtain a sample of his blood, though without any practical uses to it.

Return to Delberg Castle[]

Delberg Castle, Courtyard Battle

A battle in the courtyard

Make your way to the Castle battlegrounds and enter the Castle courtyard, where you'll find a large number of Clan Ironfist waiting. As you fight your way into the courtyard, Orcs will begin pouring out of the Castle. After defeating what feels like an endless stream of - over 200 - Orc warriors, you'll be able to enter the Castle. You should see signs of battle throughout, and no signs of life. Make your way up to the Earl's bedroom and into the trap door. The few remaining inhabitants have tried to escape through the secret tunnels, but a cave-in has blocked their escape. You'll find a battle raging, and things aren't looking good. Quickly move in to assist the remaining survivors. After the battle, the Earl will thank you for holding true to your word and invites you into the castle.

You're given a well deserved rest and will be greeted by Master Nathan the following morning. He explains that the castle has been secured and informs you the Earl's intentions to declare you the ruler of Delberg. He also suggests returning to Betancuria to take care of the Dhorn, once the family has been restored and an army can be assembled. You're then escorted to the meeting with the Earl, his remaining servants, and your party, where he publicly announces his intentions to hand over the Castle and the title to you. The game ends with the Earl proclaiming you the Countess of Delberg, to much celebration, and a sequence showing Arto Benthur's demise.

Note: If the Earl does not survive, the Princess won't be able to resurrect him either. Upon trying to do so, a dialog will appear stating her regret with the turn of events. The party assembles at the previous location and Castle Delberg is left behind in ruin. The ending sequence is the one at the House by the Lake.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part Two. The previous article is Chapter 6.