A Dance with Rogues

Paurie is one of the rogues that usually can be found at the Hideout in the Sewers. He's a member of The Family, and has been so for some years according to himself.

He's quite an accomplished fighter, whose fighting style mainly revolves around dual wielding daggers, making him capable of highly speedy melee attacks. One of his daggers is an enchanted courtesan blade, designed to stun his opponents while he slices them up with his right-hand dagger. He normally wears a black hooded leather armor.

Paurie gives the princess a very memorable "Top Secret" quest, should she approach him in the hideout.


  • Paurie shares portrait with Rick Cars, a local thug who also has a habit of wearing a hood at all times.
  • Both Paurie and his quest were late additions to the modules, showing up in one of the v1.2 updates.
  • Paurie's portrait features him using a crossbow, which leads to speculation that his primary combat specialty is ranged attacks.