A Dance with Rogues

Pia is a pretty woman in her twenties with straw-blond hair and blue eyes. She likes to wear bright colored clothes and is a big admirer of high literature. Pia plays a prominent role in the story, serves as a companion to the Princess during part of it, and is also one of the possible love interests.

She is a bard and enjoys singing above all else, but doesn't mind learning other skills as well. Despite her skills, Pia is not very lucky, and keeps finding herself in rather unfortunate situations, albeit most of the time she is not to blame for it. She has a good heart and doesn't like to see other people hurt, but can be playful and taunting. Pia doesn't like to kill people, but will do so when necessary.

Henchman data[]

  • Ability Scores: STR: 12, DEX: 16, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 8, CHA: 12
    • Pia increases different ability (CHA, DEX or STR) during leveling depending on her choice of class to level up.
  • Class: Pia has levels both as rogue and as bard, and can be leveled up as bard, rogue or fighter.
  • Feats: Pia has the Weapon Finesse, Two Weapon Fighting and Ambidexterity feats, but doesn't gain the Improved Two Weapon Fighting feat. If leveled up as fighter, Pia will choose to specialize in longsword.
  • Equipment: Pia's Silent Slippers, Pia's Cloak, Pia's Clothes, Composite Shortbow +2.


  • Important: If the Princess wishes Pia to accompany her during Part Two, she must keep her on friendly terms and be careful not to alienate her. If Pia doesn't give the Princess a ring at the end of Pia is Missing quest, she will not appear in Part Two.
  • The Princess is deeply touched by the book she finds during Lesson 4 in Pia's room in The Lion's Head Inn.


  • Pia's name originates from Italian and means "pious".
  • The song Pia sings to the Princess when they first meet is Edgar Allan Poe's poem "Alone".
  • With permission from Valine, Pia makes a comedic (and potentially fourth wall-breaking) cameo alongside Lyanna Stormborn in Proleric's Enigma Island 3 - Twilight beta.

Plot Significance[]

YellowExclamation30.png    WARNING
Spoilers follow.

The Past[]

Pia was born on a farm and raised in the countryside. She had a troublesome youth and escaped to the city where she started playing in inns and taverns along with some pickpocketing and subsequently joined The Family.

The Princess learns about Pia's past in the beginning of Part Two, but a hint about it is revealed when Pia meets her for the first time in The Lion's Head Inn, in Pia's supposedly drunken slip of tongue: "That's some really nice wine they have here in this cities... er, city. Just one city".

At the beginning of Part Two Pia also reveals that in distant past she was romantically involved with Vico, something she now regrets. She tells that she left Vico due to them being different in character as well as his continuous involvement with other women. The only known lesson that Pia had to complete prior to joining The Family was that she was tasked to kill a man. She tells the Princess that she did not know the said man, but she still sometimes sees his face.

Part One[]

Initially, Pia is found at The Lion's Head Inn where the Princess meets her during Lesson 4. She is the target of a mission given by Joanna, in which the Princess is supposed to aid her son Lenton to steal documents from Pia by seducing her. Things take an unexpected turn when Lenton fails to show up at the right time, and the Princess is left to resolve the situation herself, for better or worse.

Later in the story, Pia is sent by Alfons to do a break-in at the Academy (Betancuria North). At some point during her mission, she angered one of the Academy's guardian golems and was forced to flee through a flickering portal she found in one of the nearby rooms. For some reason she ended up in the cold Northlands, landing more or less straight in the lap of Terek Weminster, adviser to the ruler of the local barony. Pleased by her singing and charms, Baron Ravenstower keeps Pia in his castle, more or less against her own will, until the Princess, sent by Alfons to find Pia, arrives. From there on the two of them will have to join forces in order to find their way back to Betancuria.

If they remain on friendly terms after their return to home, Pia will give the Princess a ring and be a member of the party that carries on into Part Two in search of the Island of Prisoners.

Part Two[]

If the Princess was nice to Pia during Part One, and they parted as friends or even lovers, Pia will be part of the crew aboard the ship headed for Westwood. However, if Pia didn't gift the Princess a ring, she will not show up during the entire module.

Upon arrival to the city of Westwood, Pia accompanies Vico and Anden as they leave the sick Princess aboard the boat to hit a local bar for information. Ever the troublemaker, Vico starts a bar fight, and the three of them are soon arrested by Dhorn forces and led away to Westwood Castle. Locked up in a cell alone, Pia remains there until rescued by the Princess. Shortly after the escape from the castle, the party runs into Bran, Norah and Gemli at the docks. All three of them are available as companions to bring along on the quest, and Pia seems to get along well with them.

Although Pia is not very fond of caves, the party soon find themselves venturing under the Black Mountains in order to reach the Dhorn Empire. After jumping down a waterfall, the group gets split up, and Pia finds herself alone in strange surroundings yet again. The task of locating and saving her once more falls on the Princess.

As the party progress deeper into the Underdark, it becomes increasingly more dangerous, and the party is soon faced with the strength and cunning of the drow elves and their devious traps. Ultimately captured and seperated from each other, Pia is sold as a slave to the duergar trader Rugnar for the price of 100 000 gold pieces. She remains with him until the Princess finds her and either pays for her release or persuades the duergar into letting her go.

Once again on their way, Pia socializes with the newest addition to the party, Rizzen. They don't seem to get along very well at first, seemingly annoying each other and constantly taunting each other with witty remarks and comebacks. During their long journey through the darkness however, it would seem they develop a kind of friendship, which can also develop into romance. Upon finally exiting the Underdark, Pia's spirits seems to be lifted, while Rizzen does not to seem to share her enthusiasm.

Arriving at the Dhorn city of Moonville, Pia mostly stays around waiting, as many of the tasks presented in the city require the Princess to go alone. When the Princess finally discovers a way to the Island of Prisoners, Pia stays behind but rejoins her at a later time. However, at this part Pia is playing a secondary role in the storyline, as the Princess will now need to rely on her own skills and abilities.

The Romance[]

  • If the Princess wishes to romance Pia, she should not hurt her feelings during Part One.
  • The romance with Pia can be initiated during Chapter 3 of Part One. An active romance with Pia doesn't allow for romancing other characters, but in Part Two at the Dwarven Inn it's possible to break off the Pia romance.
  • During an active romance in Part Two at the Dwarven Inn, Pia will initiate a conversation with the Princess and try to end the romance. A correct choice of dialog options (choosing to tell Pia she is being silly about difference in Pias' and the Princess's upbringing) allows the romance to continue.
  • Active romance with Pia bars romance with any other love interest. Besides the "in game" option to break the romance as stated above, the romance with Pia can be broken by use of console commands.
  • When in a romance with the Princess, Pia will adjust her attitude according to the Princess' attitude. She will be more protective and assuring when the Princess shows weakness, and more soft and fearful when the Princess shows confidence.
  • If the Princess cheats on Pia with Vico, Pia will break up with her.
  • If the Princess cheats on Pia with Maren, Pia will cheat on the Princess with Rizzen.


Depending on your relationship with Pia, she may give you a ring at the end of Pia is Missing quest.

  • Pia's Love Ring - Given if the Princess was affectionate and started a relationship with Pia in the cave near Ravenstower. The love ring is item083 and gives +2 Regeneration and +2 Charisma bonus.