A Dance with Rogues

DISCLAIMER: The following article contains subjective opinion, baseless assumptions and stupid jokes. BE WARNED!

Pia - seno

Pia is a very sweet and kind character who also knows how to fight when needed, but somehow she always ends up in captivity, usually naked. There are at least 4 different "Rescue Pia" quests:

  1. Pia and the Baron
  2. Pia and the Dhorn
  3. Pia and the Kobolds
  4. Pia and the Duergar.

How many chapters were there in the Sins of Annelle F, anyway?

Especially mysterious is Pia's capture by the little kobolds, who singled her out from all other party members.

So is a known fact that Pia is not very lucky, but no one knows why. There is a rumour that Pia's luck has abandoned her due to her involvement with Vico, and since then it has haunted the community forums, albeit under slightly changed name (due to pronunciation issues between Betancurian and English).

It can be speculated that Pia's job in the Family mostly focused on tasks where she had to use her charms and her body. This can be deduced from the easiness with which Pia uses her sexuality to keep her safe with Baron Ravenstower and Rugnar, as well as the nature of Lesson 4. Such speciality would also suit Pia's good alignment and her distaste of killing.

Strategic insights

  • Pia is a very versatile character. She can be used as a caster with a ranged weapon or as a capable frontliner. She has good Constitution, Uncanny Dodge and Evasion.
  • Sometimes Pia's casting in midfight makes her too vulnarable. This can be fixed by switching her casting off in a radial menu. Save her songs for bedtime.
  • While Pia can be used as dexer, she can also make good Strength based fighter. With as much as one fighter level she can be dressed in good plate armor (like Armor of Lloth) and use many powerfull weapons available for fighters (like Drow Morningstar + 5).
  • Even when Pia is used as a dexer, she can still wear plate armor. Try every option and see which one is better and consider that many plate armors available in the module have greater damage reduction then leather ones.