A Dance with Rogues
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This is a mandatory quest that is received from Alfons in the Family's hideout in the sewers. It is not available until having completed all of Chapter 2 of Part One.

Once the Princess has dealt with the spies that were threatening the Family, Master Nathan will send her to talk with Alfons, who has a job for her. Alfons will tell her that Pia, whom the Princess met during Lesson 4, has gone missing during a break-in mission into the Betancuria Academy. The Princess will be asked to investigate into this matter and find Pia.

During this quest the Princess will learn secrets of the now closed Academy of magic, traverse a faraway northern land, and take part in a devious plot involving magic, lust and treachery for the throne of Baron Ravenstower.


  • The quest is a time consuming one and takes the Princess out of Betancuria.
  • During the quest the Princess acquaintances herself better with Pia whom she met during Lesson 4. Depending on her choices, she may initiate a romance with the lovely bard.
  • This quest provides an opportunity for the Princess to participate in a threesome and to mount a dragon.
  • The Princess can join Pia to "entertain" the Baron together, if she is polite to the Baron.
  • Depending on the Princess choices of action with regard to Paurie, one of possible Top Secret quest's endings can take place during this quest.
  • This quest has regularly received significant updates since the module was first released in 2006. The earliest versions didn't have Ravenstown and there was no possibility of a sexual encounter with Dan Addams. More recent changes have removed a long time significant character named Hovazz and have allowed the Princess to work at a brothel called the Ice Princess.
  • The previous version of Pia is Missing found in v1.40 and earlier can be viewed here. (do not edit)


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Spoilers follow.

This is a mandatory quest during Chapter 3 of Part One. It becomes available after you have killed the gladiators, returned from the Golden Chalice quest, and have been rescued from the Dhorn Headquarters.

Alternatively, the "journey" will start if you kill Andrik Snyder after the Blackmail quest starts, by infiltrating the Academy. If that is the case, the only change with the quest development is that the third floor in the Academy only has some burned bodies, traps, and the constructs (golems, minogons, etc...). The cage in Andrik "bedroom" will be empty, and he will show up when you leave the room the way you entered. After killing him you will be sent to the far away Barony, with Pia, as if you had followed the guide as written.

Speak with Alfons in the Hideout in the sewers and once you've caught up, ask if he has any jobs available. He will mention that Pia, the pretty bard from Lesson 4, was supposed to do a burglary job in the Academy and hasn't been heard from since. Alfons asks you to find out what happened to her and bring her back in one piece, if possible.

Note: In version 1.15 and earlier, Alfons would give you a key to a summoning room that was found on the upper floor of the Academy. This changed in version 1.20, both the summoning room and key no longer exist.

Betancuria Academy[]

Academy, Ground Floor pins
Academy, Students' Quarters pins

The Academy in Betancuria North is closed at night, so you'll want to go there during the day. Before you begin, you may want to pick up some lock pick tools as there are a number of challenging locks inside.

Sneak past the guards and go through the door on the north west side (#2), then circle around the ground floor, through the summoning room (#3), until you come to the stairs. Take the stairs up (#4) to the students' quarters.

The main door leading up to the teachers' quarters cannot be opened, but there's another way. You may have even gotten a piece of it as you made your way around the halls, a hidden door that can't be found. The hidden door is in a locked room to the west of the stairs (#8). The door can only be opened with a key and a search of the nearby rooms will provide information on who may have it. There should be notes stored in two barrels (#6, #7) that will lead you to Dan Addams, an ex-student who lives on the 1st floor of 17, Riverroad, the very same building as Joanna from Lesson 4.

Important: You cannot go straight to Dan, you must acquire the notes first.

There are a number of ways to persuade Dan to hand over the key, including threats of violence or offering to sleep with him. Once you have it, return to the students' quarters and unlock the door (#8), sneak past the two imps to the far end of the room where a hidden door should or may have already appeared (#9), then take the stairs up (#10) to the teachers' quarters.

Betancuria Academy, 2nd floor[]

The teachers' quarters are heavily trapped and well guarded, so you need to be on your toes at all times.

Hidden doors allow access to the nearby rooms, one of which is Lecturer Kathy's, each with some items to be had. Kathy's room is guarded by a powerful clay golem.

Academy, Teachers' Quarters v150 pins

Follow the corridor all the way to the south and be on the lookout for a hidden door (#12). Sneak into the Chancellor's office, avoiding the stone golem and minogon in the office and bedroom, to get the Chancellor's Note and Academy's Compendium. The note offers some information on the Academy and the compendium will give you 7000xp when read, only if you're a wizard, sorceress, or druid (Be warned: The Use Magic Device skill won't help you and only will cause a destruction of the Compendium).

If you took part in the Top Secret quest and reported Paurie to Master Nathan, he will approach you outside the Chancellor's office and attack following a brief conversation.

Academy, Teachers' Quarters v150

Pia locked in a cage

The hallway has a number of warded doors, none that can be opened. Follow the corridor to the east and look for another hidden door at the turn (#13). Step through the door and make your way north. Two hidden doors should appear on the western side of the corridor, one leading into a room with iron golem and the other (#14) to a bedroom with Pia (#15).

Unlock the cage door and speak with Pia. She explains that she's been looking for a bounty hunter named Andrik Snyder, the very same man who captured you for the Dhorn later tried to blackmail you and the Family. She stumbled upon him while making her way through the Academy and he threw her in the cage. Now free, Pia suggests a quick escape to Alfons and the others. Before you can make it out of the room, Andrik appears and attacks. Once defeated, loot his body and head for the hidden door. Before you can make it through, Andrik uses his final breath to cast a spell which hurls you to Ravenstower, a land far to the north.

Note: In v1.40 and earlier, an unstable portal found in the room next to Pia's was used to transport you to Ravenstower. Pia had already gone through and was entertaining the Baron with song when you arrived. The general flow of the quest is similar, but the details are quite different. The old walkthrough can be viewed here.

Not in Betancuria anymore[]

Ravenstower Castle, Terek's Tower, Library, Crash Landing

A crash landing in Terek's library

You'll find yourself in Terek's library, having landed on his desk and smashing it to pieces. Terek will question you both, inform you that you're now in Ravenstower (a land over 1,000 miles from home), then bring you before Baron Ravenstower.

A lengthy conversation with the Baron and his court will follow, ending with Pia playing a few songs and the Baron falling asleep. Terek will escort you to a bedroom and explain that Ravenstower is in the midst of a deep snowfall, making it almost impossible for you to leave until spring. Once he leaves, you'll have another conversation with Pia and she'll sit on the floor. You can speak with her again and invite her to bed or just sleep alone.

Important: If you sleep alone, you're unlikely to begin the romance with Pia.

The next morning, Terek will greet you and bring you both to see the Baron. After a quick recap of recent events, the Baron insists you and Pia both stay as his guests until the surrounding mountain passes open up in spring, lest you try to find shelter elsewhere in Ravenstower and end up on his bad side. He will then inspect you both and invite you into his bedchamber. If you are defiant or uncooperative during the conversation, he will take Pia alone and leave you behind, otherwise he'll take you both into his room.

1. Playing for the Baron[]

If you go into the Baron's chamber, you'll have the following options:

  1. Take the immediate hostile dialog path and attack the Baron.
  2. Initially complying with the Baron's demands, then taking the hostile dialog path and attacking him.
  3. Following through with the requested sexual acts and having the Baron die during intercourse.
Important: If you're going to attack the Baron, only do so using the dialogs. Anything else will likely cause problems later.

2. Waiting for Pia and the Baron[]

If the Baron and Pia leave you behind, the guards will come on to you. You can play along or refuse. If you do play along with them, it will irreparably harm the possibilities of a romantic relationship with her. A short while later, Pia will come out and say the Baron is dead.

After the Baron's death, the guards will ask you to explain the situation before attacking. This will give you ample time to ready your armor and equipment for the battle, otherwise you'll be fighting in the buff and that can be difficult. When the guards are dead, you can loot the upper floor. A cabinet, armoire, weapon rack, and chest can be found in the nearby room. The cabinet contains some potions, the armoire has a garment named Snow White and some Gauntlets of Ogre Power, the weapon rack has a longsword called Ice, and the chest some gold.

When you're ready to leave, head downstairs. A group of the Baron's court will greet you and ask what's happened (as they heard a commotion). Pia tells them the Baron has died and you all head back up to his chamber for another conversation. After explaining the situation, you're taken to the small bedroom again, where you'll rest for the evening. The next day you're brought before the Baron's court. They explain that an examination of the Baron has been conducted and no marks of any kind have been found on his body, but they're still suspicious of you and will leave your fate to a giant ice wyrm. If you survive the battle (500xp), it is a sign of the Gods that you are innocent. Alternatively, the Princess may attempt to declare her true identity (DC14) and would be exempt their judgement if successful (140xp).

The group brings you to a Pit on the outskirts of the Mountains of Frost. Before being let down into the pit, you'll have one opportunity to persuade them of your royal lineage as a means of avoiding the battle. If you fail, you'll have to face the deadly ice wyrm and speak with the group once it's dead. Either way, they'll leave you and Pia on your own.

Now follow the road south, into the Ravenstower Barony.

Ravenstown Barony[]

Ravenstower Barony pins

After making your way from the Pit in the Mountains of Frost (#1), you'll find yourself in the Ravenstower Barony. The barony is a rather large open area that consists mainly of Ravenstown and the different passages that cross through the region.

Ravenstown can be found to the east, in the middle of the barony (#4). The passage to the north east leads to a small mountain pass (#2) and the Mountains of Frost, the passage east (through Ravenstown) leads to the Castle (#12), and a passage to the north of Ravenstown leads into a small wooded area (#3). Eventually you'll need to go exploring in the Mountains of Frost, but Ravenstown is a good place to start. Speak with the guards at the gate and enter the town.


Ravenstown is a small community with the bare essentials for travelers making their way through the region. They have a smithy (#7), a small shop (#6), a brothel (#5), and a barracks for the town guard. There's also a small cemetery with a crypt (#8) and a few private residences for the local population. The road leading east through the town goes to the guard station (#10) outside the Castle.

The main area of interest is the Ice Princess. Follow the road south and to the east, then look for the larger building on your right with the heart banner (#5). The Ice Princess is run by Dandy Leonaller, who can found behind the counter. Naturally he's a good source of information, so you should speak with him right away.

The Treasure Hunters[]
Lefur Beltiamen, Donan Davis, and Lorico Wetter

Lefur Beltiamen, Donan Davis, and Lorico Wetter in the Ice Princess

If you ask Dandy about leaving the Barony, he'll mention the locals won't travel until spring but that some treasure hunters named Lefur Beltiamen, Donan Davis, and Lorico Wetter (who are enjoying the amenities offered by the Ice Princess) may be willing to help.

Note: This is an optional step in the game that doesn't actually get you any closer to Betancuria and ends with a difficult battle. Feel free to skip to The Ice Princess below if you don't mind missing out on some dialog and items. (If you are willing to play dirty, you can strip them on all their stuff to make the fight easy.

The men are seated at the table closest to the kitchen. For a scant 20,000 gold pieces, they'll agree to escort you home. You should have no problem coming up with the money by selling some of your items at the shop. When you have the money, speak with them again and they'll lead you through a wooded passage to the north of town and into the woods (#3). After a short trek through the woods, the men will turn on you and attack, figuring it's easier to kill and rob you than putting all that work in to get you home. Be sure to loot their bodies for weapons and armor, then return to the Ice Princess. You can let Dandy know what happened with the men.

Note: In v1.40 and earlier, the three treasure hunters would provide key information on how to open a cave in and free a dragon who promised to help you get home in exchange for its freedom. The men would ambush you on your way back to the cave.
The Ice Princess[]
Ravenstown, The Ice Princess

The Ice Princess

The way home begins by exploring the bedroom on the upper floor of the Ice Princess. You can get into the bedroom by renting the room for 50 gold pieces or by taking a job.

Dandy is always looking for pretty girls to entertain his guests. If you accept the job, he'll give you some scanty clothing to wear and a key to his private residence (located next door) where you can sleep. Ask any of the men if they'd like to have some fun and they'll take you upstairs if they're in the mood. They actually pay Dandy for your services, so you need to speak with him to get your share of the money.

Important: Entertaining the patrons is detrimental to starting a romantic relationship with Pia.

If you rent the room, Dandy will give you a key to the bedroom. You can spend the night with Pia and start a romantic relationship with her if you were nice during your time in Ravenstower Castle.

Either way, look for the note in the stove. It's not clear who the note's author is, but she is trying to hide an affair from her husband and suggests meeting at the Taylor's house instead, which is now empty. The Taylor's house is located to the south east of the Ice Princess. Follow the road south and look for the small building with the sign out front (#9) near the windmill. Pick the lock and head inside.

Note: In earlier versions of the module, it wasn't possible to work for the Ice Princess, even though there was a shortage of women as Terek was holed up with them all in the basement (which has now been turned into a small laundry).

A Hot Affair and a Cold Journey[]

Once inside the Taylor's House, go upstairs and walk into the bedroom. A cutscene will play showing Terek Weminster and Claile Ravenstower having sex, discussing their affair and planning the murders of Lady Dana and Claile's husband, and that they hope to pin it all on you! Lady Claile also mentions that she'll be glad to be done with all the sneaking around since the secret passage through the Crypt creeps her out. The pair exits through a hidden door that leads to a tunnel and exits through a trap door in the Barony to the north east of the Taylor's house.

You can follow them now, but you need a Rod of Resurrection to complete the mission and the only one you're going to find is up in the Mountains of Frost.

Ravenstower Barony, Mountains of Frost pins

Follow the road northwest into the mountain pass (#2, Ravenstower Barony). A small residence can be found here, but its owner doesn't care much for visitors. Continue on to the Mountains of Frost. Upon arriving, you'll see an Adult White Dragon feeding on the body of a White Stag. It's a bit of a scary sight, but the dragon immediately flies off when disturbed. Make your way up and look for a cave toward the south east of the mountain range (#2). The cave leads to an Abandoned Mine. Be careful when you enter, because a Craig Cat is waiting near the entrance.

Ravenstower Barony, Abandoned Mine 1 pins
Ravenstower Barony, Abandoned Mine 2 pins

Follow the tracks south and unlock the door on your right (#2). Take the explosives from the storage rack. If you need a torch, you can take one from the operating table. Now return to the main passage and follow the tracks deeper into the mine and use the mining well (#3) to lower yourself down. Most of the surrounding passages have completely caved in, but the tracks east lead to a larger open area. Look for the tracks on the north wall and enter the hidden door when it appears (#5). On the other side of the wall you'll find the body of a dragon slayer (#6). His diary explains that he's been tracking the beast for over six weeks and that he's now the last surviving member of the party after a partial cave in killed everyone else. Use the explosives to clear the boulders (#7).

Ravenstower Barony, Abandoned Mine, Dragon's Lair Entrance

The Dragon's Lair lies ahead

Once the path is clear, there will be a number of skeletal remains, two of which you can look. The first has some Mithril Chainmail and a Dwarven Waraxe +2 and the second has a Rod of Resurrection. We came all this way to get the Rod, so don't forget to grab it. Pia will have something to say when you pick it up. If you like, continue further into the mine and then into the Dragon's Lair (#8), where the remains of a large dragon can be found. Pia's a bit disappointed as there's no treasure or damsel in distress.

When you're ready to leave, head back to the crossroads of the mine and use the mining well platform (#4) to raise yourself to the upper level. Then follow the tracks to the exit, make your way down the mountain, through the mountain pass, and back to Ravenstower Barony. Return to Ravenstown and head into the cemetery (#8, Ravenstower Barony).

Return to Ravenstower Castle[]

Now that you've overheard Terek and Claile Ravenstower talking about the secret passage in the Crypt and picked up the Rod of Resurrection from the Abandoned Mine in the Mountains of Frost, you're ready to make your way back to Ravenstower Castle. Note that for the rest of this section, you cannot progress unless you have disabled Item Level Restrictions (for the Rod of Resurrection).

Head to the Ravenstown cemetery (#8, Ravenstower Barony), which is located near the Barracks and behind Danan's Smithy. You can speak with the guard and try to persuade or bluff your way in to the Crypt, pick the lock with good set of thieves tools (DC42), or steal the key from the guard. Be sure to be in stealth if trying the latter options as he will become hostile.

Ravenstown, Crypt pins

Once inside, walk past the seats and into the main area. Move toward the east wall near the open sarcophagus and keep an eye open for the hidden door (#2). If the door doesn't appear, you probably haven't overheard Terek and Claile's conversation on the upper floor of the Tailor's House. Once it appears, step through into the secret hallway. Follow the hallway and take the stairs down into the tunnel (#3). About 2/3rds of the way through the next tunnel a hidden door will appear on the north wall. Step through and make your way west down the tunnel, looking for yet another hidden door at the dead end on the north wall. When you step through that, you'll find yourself in the Castle's Mausoleum.

Ravenstower Castle, Mausoleum pins

The sarcophagus in front of you (#1) contains the body of Baron Ravenstower. Disable the trap and unlock it, then use your Rod of Resurrection on it. When the Baron appears, speak with him. He'll be a bit confused at first. Once you fill him in on recent events, the Baron will insist on speaking with Terek and Claile. He'll join your party and you can now make your way to the castle. Unlock the door and head north to the main chamber. The Baron will unlock the blue glowing door, revealing the body of Dana Ravenstower (#2). When he sees here, the Baron will ask you to resurrect her. Rest, then use the on Lady Dana's body, and speak with her when she rises. Dana explains that her brother lured her to the Mausoleum and attacked her from behind. When the conversation finishes, Lady Dana will also join your party as you prepare to confront Castias, Terek, and Claile. Head through the door and up the stairs (#3), exiting to the Ravenstower Barony. Follow the road south and speak with the three guards in the area, then head into the castle.

Ravenstower Castle, Lower Floor, Battle

A battle erupts

Once inside, an argument between the Baron and his court will follow. The group will begin to take sides, with Captain Taris Ashald and a few of his men siding with Lady Dana and the Baron, and Timin Ravenstower and a number of guards siding with Terek, Claile, and Castias. Before the battle begins, Dana and Castias will transform into dragons.

Once the group has been defeated, both the Baron and Pia will initiate brief conversations with you. When those are finished, speak with Lady Dana. The Baron extends his thanks and Dana graciously offers to give you a lift home. The conversation will end, giving you one final opportunity to loot the bodies of your enemies. Terek has a number of items, including a Ring of Clear Thought +3, a Ring of Protection +4, some Greater Gloves of Concentration, an Archers Belt, a Fiery Quarterstaff, and a Damaged Black Robe which can be taken to Igor's Smithy in Betancuria North. Claile Ravenstower has a nice dress and a short sword. Timin has an Ornate Longsword +2. When you're ready to go, speak with Lady Dana again and she'll drop you off on the Road to Betancuria.

The resolution[]

Thanks to Lady Dana, you and Pia arrive safely on the outskirts of Betancuria. A relieved conversation with Pia will follow and she will suggest returning to the Hideout in the Sewers and speaking with Alfons, who's no doubt quite worried about you both by now. This should be familiar territory from your journey home during Lesson 7. Follow the road east and up the hill, then continue north to the southern wall of the city.

It's important to note that the upper floors of the Bear Pit will become inaccessible once you speak with Alfons, as noted in Welcome Home, so take care of any unfinished business first.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One. The previous article is Captured. The next article is Welcome Home.