A Dance with Rogues

The Planes is a desolate wasteland that's littered with countless tombstones. It's a dusty and unforgiving environment that appears to go on endlessly, making it easy to get lost. Somewhere in the planes lies a Volcano, which is home to a mysterious old man.

It is uncertain which Plane this is, or it's location in cosmology. The presence of chaotic evil entities could imply it is part of the Abyss, however this does not explain the presence of the few non-chaotic entities found here.

Spoiler: There are two unique areas in the Planes, the starting point following the the Princess' party crashing through the bridge in the lower levels of the Isle of Prisoners and the area containing the Volcano. The latter is the home to the old man, who briefly makes an appearance to the Princess in the planes following her zombie nightmare.


See Chapter 6: Planes