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Pr -maid

"All I can see are breasts and pubic hair"

This quest can be started by accepting Mart's proposal of to pain a nude portrait of the Princess. Being a male, Mart cannot keep his promise not to paint the face of the Princess, which becomes a problem when a Dhorn patrol decides to drop by and confiscate the painting. Mart will provide the Princess with some pointers regarding where to look for the portrait, and the Princess will also get some help from Shander, once she will figure out where to start looking. The Princess can also talk about it with Master Nathan if she wishes to receive some free scolding with no XP or useful advice attached.

During this quest the Princess learns that the Dhorn confiscate kinky clothes and pictures, employ use of blood hounds and use torture. They also use locals for menial jobs and make maids wear revealing outfits. Either Dhorn find it hard, on following their ideology or have decided to utilize some of the confiscated clothes.

Important: The Princess cannot find Shander on her own. He will appear and find the Princess himself.


  • Actually the Princess doesn't have to complete this quest, and nothing will happen to her should she decide to abandon it. Apparently Dhorn soldiers, wanking over nude pictures, rarely notice faces. Who would have guessed?
  • When entering a place the Princess doesn't know how to exit from, it is better for her to be well equipped and not to have any time sensitive quests pending.
  • When a door is guarded by neutral guards, the Princess should try to talk to a guards instead of trying to barge in, in their full view, thus making them hostile.
  • This quests provides amusing comment on Economy.


YellowExclamation30.png    WARNING
Spoilers follow.

This is an optional quest Part One and it's available right from the start.

Pose for the portrait[]

In order to get into this mess you should go to an alley near Gaston's tailor shop in Betancuria North. When you walk around there somebody by the name of Mart Bennard will approach you and ask you to allow him to make a painting of you. A successful persuade check can raise Mart's offer by a whooping 5 gold. If you agree and go with him, a squad of Dhorn will enter his atelier and take the newly created portrait with them.

Mart hints that the Dhorn may have taken the portrait to the Dhorn Administration building in Betancuria West and you'll get the same information if you confide in Nathan about what has happened. You can kill Mart if you are feeling evil or don't mind taking an alignment hit.

Note: In the EE version (2.20), Mart has been changed to a woman, Marta, possibly to make it easier for shyer princesses to justify starting the quest. She will also offer more gold, though she may not actually be prepared to pay it all.

Get into the Administration building[]

At this point, you need to get into an even bigger mess to find a way into the Dhorn Administration building. After being rejected by the guards at the entrance, a wizard by the name of Shander will approach and tell you to meet him at his home, just a short distance away. Shander will agree to help you if you 1) pay him - the price varies according to how nice you treat him and if you agree to show him the painting or not, 2) steal a Lock of Nymph's Hair from Betancuria Academy, or 3) sleep with him (requires some persuasion or bluffing). Following any of these, he will teleport you into the Administration building's cellars.

Get the portrait[]

There are three locked storage rooms off the main hall. The first contains traps, which could be useful in battle or sold. The second contains some "indecent/sinful clothing", including Pickpocket, some nipple chains (quite heavy for some reason, wt.30 and not worth much to sell), as well as some other stockings and undergarments. The third room contains a crate with the portrait. Watch out for the patrolling guards. To get out you need to acquire the cellar key. It can be obtained from a crate in the open area storage room nearest the door or from either of the two guards patrolling the hallway by killing them or picking their pockets. Use the key to unlock the door leading upstairs to the ground floor.

Get out[]

Now you will need to get out of the building itself. This works differently in version 1.50 and the EE version 2.20:

In version 1.50 (the non EE-version), there are two options:

  1. Pick up a maid's dress and disguise yourself as a maid (this will also make the patrols neutral towards you) and persuade the guards at the front door that your working shift is over. A maid's dress can be found in a crate in the small storage room on the East side of the area. One of the maids will tell you where to get it.
  2. Alternately, talk to the other maid and agree to let her help you (though she will want to take all of your gold and a couple of items, too!)

In version 2.20 (the EE remake):

Fix Me: How does Wila’s offer work now? Can you still open the gate in the sewers for later use?

The maid Wila is still willing to smuggle you out for an exorbitant fee, but you can no longer wear a maid's dress to escape. There's no spare dress to be found, and even though it's possible to discreetly murder one of the maids and take her clothes, wearing them will not render the patrols non-hostile.

Instead, there's a door on the eastern side of the ground floor that you can use to escape to the sewers. Once down there, you'll be next to a lever and a sleeping guard. The lever opens a normally-barred door right by a sewer exit in an abandoned house on Mercenary Way.

This barred region of the sewers also has a side passage blocked by a DC 41 lock that connects with the sewer entrance to the Dhorn Barracks, as well as two grates to the restricted Dhorn area of Western Betancuria. All Dhorn in this area will be hostile if they see you.

The resolution[]

Store the portrait in a safe place. You can joke about it a bit with Nathan or give him the portrait for safekeeping. If you like to, you can go back to Shander's home, only to find there three Dhorn soldiers over Shander's dead body. You can avenge his death if you like or take the Sleep and Magic Missile scrolls Shander will have on him.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.