A Dance with Rogues

Darkness potions are sold at Saman's alchemist shop in Betancuria North during Part 1 in a tenpacks at an aproximate price of 1200 gp for a tenpack. They create magical darkness (identical to Darkness spell), which can only be pierced by Ultravision or True Sight, and which lasts for 3 rounds. Everyone found in an area of the darkness effect is considered to have a concealement of 50%and every attack made in the darkness against somebody who doesn't have Ultravision or True Sight is considered a sneak attack.


  • Even thou those potions are sold only in tenpacks they can be sold back individualy.
  • Darkness blocks a line of sight, and can be used to escape, to hide or to disengage and move aside and buff or heal yourself (or whole party), without risking being attacked by the enemy. A cover of darkness can also be used for laying traps, while being unseen by the enemy.
  • No darkness potions are sold during part 2 , so it would be wise for the Princess to stock them before leaving Betancuria.