A Dance with Rogues

Potion of Rogue's Cunning enhances rogue skills, even for a non rogue. Drinking it will give +5 bonus to open locks and +10 bonus to search, set trap, disable trap, hide, move silently and pick pockets skills for a duration of 5 turns.

These potions can be purchased in a packs of 10 from the Alchemist shop in Betancuria North. Approximate price for a 10 pack is 1700-2000 GP.


  • Even though these potions are sold only in 10 packs they are available individually too, albeit at a reduced price.
  • No potions of rogue's cunning are sold during part 2, so if the Princess intends to use them, it would be wise for her to stock them before leaving Betancuria.
  • The cost of Rogue's Cunning potion is lower then the price which can be received from selling removed Gas,Fire and Electrical traps.