A Dance with Rogues
Important: This quest only exists in the EE remake (page is for version 2.20). Not all the NPCs and locations mentioned here exist in version 1.50.

"Backdoor" Betty's fierce guardian

After reaching the Family Hideout in the Sewers, the Princess can take the Punisher quest from the bulletin board. The quest requests that someone collect the heads of two people the Family is mad at and deliver them to Jacia.

The two people are:

  • "Backdoor" Betty: for sexual involvement with various Dhorn
  • "The Carpenter": for causing the massacre at 11, Summer Lane


  • The Princess will need to get into the Restricted Section of the Dhorn quarter to make progress on this quest (see Portrait quest for how to access this area.)


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Spoilers follow.

"Backdoor" Betty[]

Backdoor Betty can be found at 4, Ridge Way in the restricted section of the Dhorn quarter. The room appears empty, but traps and a small hostile dog guard a trapdoor at the back of the room.

Entering the cellar through the trapdoor, you'll find Betty in flagrante delicto with a Dhorn soldier. They'll be hostile if they spot you, but can easily be left alone if you get cold feed. Betty may be naked, but she has a rapier and a sneak attack, so don't write her off while you deal with her Dhorn lover.

If you kill Betty, she'll drop Betty's Head which you can take back to Jacia. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you'll shift 5 points towards evil for this.

The Carpenter[]

Fix Me: TO DO - I've heard he's the dead guy in the prison, but not sure yet where you're supposed to figure this out