A Dance with Rogues
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The following contains information on a character, area, item, or quest that is no longer present in the latest version of Part One as of v1.40. It has been replaced by the Welcome Home quest.

Once the Princess tells Alfons about the Dhorn attack on the Bear Pit, he decides to abandon the hideout in the sewers and instructs the Princess to meet him at Barich's Tavern in Betancuria South. There he tells the Princess about a plan to raid a house of an important Dhorn clerk, Richard Mennes, at 2, Westside in Betancuria West, in order to discover where Master Nathan and other members of The Family, captured in the Bear Pit, were taken. The Princess is asked to leave no witnesses and is accompanied by Vico on this mission.


  • The end of this mission is played differently depending on the alignment of the Princess.
  • After this mission every Dhorn will be hostile, so the Princess should use stealth when moving trough the City. It is supposed to be this way.


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Spoilers follow.

Meet Alfons at Barich's Tavern (Betancuria South). Alfons will send you on a mission to gather information about the whereabouts of Nathan and the other captives and give you the key to the clerk's house at 2, Westside (Betancuria West). Vico will accompany you from now on. If Pia and Anden survived the attack on the Bearpit they will also be a part of your party.

2, Westside[]

Go to 2, Westside at nighttime! Break into the house using the key you got from Alfons (it unlocks the backdoor). To get to the backdoor you will need to destroy the fence around it, this will cause a faction shift in the Dhorn making them always hostile to the Princess and her companions. In this indoor poolroom Mina will alert the guards unless you stop her, there is not much in the armoire next to the pool. Previously it held the key that unlocks the doors leading to the upper floors. You can kill her depending on how strictly you want to follow Alfons' orders, this will lead to an alignment shift towards evil, if you let her live Vico will kill her anyway, in any case Anden will get on his lawful/good soapbox. Open the door to the foyer and kill or sneak past the Dhorn guards.

On the first floor, picking the lock of any door and opening it will cause several Dhorn to appear from each room. Deal with them, and then grab the polished iron key from the chest of drawers in the guards' room. It unlocks the door leading to the second floor.

Move up to the second floor. Open the western door and talk to Kate Leonald after dealing with her guards. She will tell you where the treasure is kept, well worth a look if you want to line your pockets while saving your friends. She will also tell you that the clerk you are looking for has left the city (which is a lie, he's hiding in the cellar). You can again choose to kill an "innocent" depending on how strictly you want to follow Alfons' orders, another alignment shift towards evil if you do. Vico will take pleasure in doing it if you do not but you will be able to convince him not to, Anden will also have something to say about this.

If you go back to the ground floor from now on, you will be attacked by an endless amount of Dhorn snipers, so instead break into Mina's room (the small bedroom along the east wall). Find the secret door on the north wall of her room. Follow the corridor; it leads down into the cellar.

The cellar[]

Break into the small room in the southwestern corner of the area. The lock is quite difficult so you may need to bash the door. Talk to the clerk Richard Mennes. If you are not of evil alignment, Richard Mennes can be persuaded to tell you of the Isle of Prisoners himself.You can also learn of it by taking the book from his desk. If you are not of good alignment, Vico will step in and kill Mennes anyway, even if you decide to spare his life.

Unlock the door in the northwestern corner of the area and enter the sewers. Cross the sewers and leave.

The resolution[]

Be careful because from now on the Dhorn in the city will attack you and your companions on sight!

Go back to Alfons at Barich's Tavern (Betancuria South) and tell him what you have found out.