A Dance with Rogues
ACAG 102 was released on 08 June 2007.
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Valine's Announcement[]

The hak pack now contains Norah's outfit and the Dhorn commander's armor. I've also revised some of the outfits in the updated version of part two, so I had to add a couple of models here and there. I dimly remember playing around with a few textures as well, but I do not really keep track of the changes to the hak pack, so I honestly cannot say what's been changed in detail...

What's new[]

Fix Me: details

File Information[]

Filename ACAG102.hak
Description ACAG 102
Type Hak pak
Source Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault
Date 01 June 2007
Size 32,760,953 bytes
MD5 344e9ebe2b6d2f0d05025d861ec9005b
SHA1 8577c580b29d75ff5a483fb1f30370d986f232e4