A Dance with Rogues
Part One v1.0 was released on 10 March 2006.
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Valine's Announcement[]

“The armies arrived at the city several weeks ago. Before, the Kingdom of Dhorn had been my Father's closest ally. Well known for its fearsome and disziplined warriors, it was the main reason why my Father’s reign had never been questioned in over fifty years. But now, they were besieging his capital.
I had never seen so many soldiers before. My Father had the city gates closed and his own soldiers defending its walls, but four days ago, the unthinkable happened. The city fell.
My Father ordered his remaining forces to retreat into the castle while the Dhorn soldiers plundered his city. Still, I felt safe. The castle had never been taken in its history of well over three hundred years. The Dhorn would never be able to storm it.
Yet they did. Yesterday, they broke through the main gate, and although the prize was high and the defenders managed to push them back temporarily, it was the beginning of the end. I have been locked up in my room with my maid Shira ever since, praying that the gods would give my Father's soldiers strength. But with every hour passing, the sounds of battle come closer and closer.”

This is the story of a young woman whose world is shattered into pieces on a single, dark night. Formerly Princess of a mighty Kingdom, she barely survives when the enemies of her Lord Father kill her family, her loved ones, her friends. Suddenly alone in a cruel world, hiding from those people who only wish to see her dead, she finds help where she’d least expect it. Sheltered by a group of thugs and thieves, her life now takes a very different line. But her enemies remain the same.

This is for Adults only! Contains graphical and verbal nudity, explicit content and forms of violence.

IMPORTANT! You need my hak pack "ACAG" so all the armor and clothes look as intended. Otherwise, everything will look REALLY messed up.
I originally intended the modules to be played with a pre-defined character ("Lyanna Stormborn" - see the included .bic file). However, as I like toying around with different classes / statistics and the like, I felt it was nicer to allow the player to create her/his own character - stat wise at least, as the module's story will still be about the life of the main character. I aplogize if you do not like a forced background for your character, but otherwise it just does not make sense in the case of this module.

Requirements for the character to play the module with:
- Need to play a female character (the story won't make sense with a male character. Sowwwwy!)
- Level 1 at the beginning
- Charisma needs to be 14+ you want to be a pretty princess, don’t you? ;-)
- Dexterity needs to be 14+ for all those tricks & traps thingies
- Any alignment works. Your alignment will change according to your behaviour. You can play through the module as a good, neutral or evil character.
- Single player only. I have no idea what will happen should you jump into this with a whole party. Probably the game will hang and your computers will explode and… and… well. It will just not work.

The module is playable by many different classes - a lot of it however is about being sneaky, disarming traps and opening locked doors. Rogues preferred! Using magical spells (knock, disarm traps, invisibility) works as well however as choosing class combinations that have access to the appropriate skills. I found it most fun to start out as a rogue and then added cleric levels to my character when she was around level 4 or 5. In general, due to the amount of bonus skill points characters receive at level 1, your life will be easiest if you start as a rogue (then pursue whatever class you fancy at level 2). This is not a necessity, just a recommendation!

You will reach level 2 after the initial cutscene. If you are offended by the opening cutscene, you shouldn't play this!!

Important! You are REQUIRED to have the Pick Pocket skill at level 2! The module will complain if you neglect to learn it, and you WILL get stuck.

A few other hints:
- Do not break conversations using the "ESC"-key. I have no idea what will happen if you do - you may get stuck, see funny results, or your computer may just commit suicide.
- Do not attack friendly creatures. If you wish to start a fight, do so choosing the appropriate options in the conversation trees.
- You get XP for picking locks, disarming traps and pick pocketing stuff. You also get XP for a successful skill check (persuade, bluff, intimidate etc.), so it's a good idea to spend a few points there.
- Most XP is granted for progressing in the story line.
- There's little (really little!) XP for killing things. There's "bonus" XP for killing things if the story requires it - you may however get the same amount of XP - or more! - by being sneaky and finding a way other than using violence...
- Upgrade your equipment! Spend your money! A couple of times it "may" seem like you lose your gear but there's always a chance to get everything back.
- The same applies to your henchmen (there are around ten you could pick up – later in the module). Care for them, feed them, equip them well, and they'll be a big help.
- A lot of "riddles" can be solved in different ways. If a door is too hard to unlock or you just cannot find that one stupid key, try looking for a different way.

What's new[]

Initial release.


File Information[]

Filename A Dance with Rogues Part 1 V1.0.mod
Description Part One v1.0
Type Module
Source Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault
Date 06 February 2006
Size 24,146,243 bytes
MD5 e0bdfc0299cdfbbca7fc78c9141ea249
SHA1 ceacc6933393dda460cb612db3407661087ede4f