A Dance with Rogues
Part One v1.11 was released on 18 August 2006.
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Valine's Announcement[]

I have uploaded an update for part 1. In addition to a good number of bug fixes, version 1.11 also contains the following changes (slight spoilers):

- The Rick Cars quest now is somewhat more rogue-like.
- The Dhorn Slayer quest received some major polishing and a few new NPCs.
- There's a new shortcut system involving the sewers in Betancuria which should make traveling in the city much quicker.
- I also went over all the factions and NPCs so hopefully faction problems are gone from now on. I still advise against killing blue NPCs, however!
- Also, some balancing concerning money and the strength of certain opponents.
- And finally, there are some new NPCs available with "special" services (not what you think!).

I very much recommend playing the updated version from now on.

Please be aware that in order to make the changes work, you will need to start a completely new game. The update will NOT affect existing savegames.

What's new[]

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File Information[]

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Filename A Dance with Rogues Part 1 V1.11.mod
Description Part One v1.11
Type Module
Source Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault
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