A Dance with Rogues

On December 13 2020, Valine unexpectedly appeared with a dramatically updated version of Part One making use of new Enhanced Edition functionality. There was some initial confusion over whether the author 2acornupper was Valine or not, but Vault staff confirmed them to be the same person.

Release Notes[]

So this is A Dance with Rogues 2.0,

  • aka Eye Candy Edition,
  • aka Extended Edition,
  • aka Big Sister Edition,
  • aka Second Life Edition,
  • aka Enhanced Edition.

Basically the outcome of ten years of playing around with the toolset (on and off). This really picked up steam in spring 2020 due to me having a bit more time to dedictate to this. Also, in summer 2020 I (finally) got a new computer which is now able to run the Enhanced Edition of Neverwinter Nights, so I wanted to make sure the module was still going to be playable under this new version of NWN.

The module should be compatible both with the NWN 1.69 as well as the NWN Enhanced Edition (patch 81.8193.28 at the time of uploading).

The module features a whole bunch of the wonderful custom content created by the NWN community. I loved the elements I have included in the module, be it the tilesets, models, placeables, animations, ...

I have tried to maintain a credits file to give credits where credits are due. Please let me know in case you spot some of your work in the module and I forgot to mention you, and I will adjust. The only intellectual property I can claim is the module file itself.

The original description of the module still remains largely valid, with two exceptions: 1) The hak pack "ACAG" is now actually a series of files, and can be found directly on this page. You need these hak packs to run the module; and 2) The minimum dex requirement for a new character is now 12 instead of 14, to give character creation of bit more flexibility.

To run the module, download and extract:

1. The "mod" file into NWN\modules (1.69) or \Documents\Neverwinter Nights\modules (Enhanced Edition).

2. The "hak" files into NWN\HAK (1.69) or \Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak (Enhanced Edition)

Optionally, in case you wish to deactivate the food / drink / rest system, you will need to download the alternative acag109_patch_nofood.zip file. The included hak should overwrite the file with the same filename from 2. above in NWN\HAK (1.69) or \Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak (Enhanced Edition).

The module has a somewhat "possessive" and temperamental nature and doesn't react well to add-ons, mods, different versions of the haks, or overwrites. It works best if your overwrite folder is completely empty and you only have the module's hak files in your hak folder.

I had a lot of fun putting this together, and playing this version in the last couple of months. If you don't, simply stop. If you do, that's all the reward I ever wanted...