A Dance with Rogues

Release Date: 27 January, 2023

Release Notes[]

Version 2.20 of the module is now available on the vault!

The major changes include:

- Another large number of bug fixes, as well as general streamlining / balancing aspects.

- Specifically, certain "repetitive" cutscenes, as well as the dance scene at the Mayor's Mansion, can now be skipped by pressing the "ESC" key.

- Updates to environmental graphics. All indoors areas should now feature a proper roof or ceiling.

- Updates to character models.

- Some new, and some majorly changed quests. Please refer to the questchange220.txt file, if interested (may contain spoilers!).

This version (hopefully) ties up most of the lose ends that existed in the earlier releases. As such, I'd consider this the final update to part one from a content perspective - If something isn't closed now, it likely won't be closed in part one.

Due to the dynamics of when certain quests are started, and how certain other, connected quests have progressed (or not), the complexity of the module is now a bit on the challenging side. I would be thankful to hear about logical glitches etc. - I'm sure there will be some, crossing fingers not too many.

If you've played a previous version, you do not need to download adwrhak1.zip and adwrhak2.zip - These haven't changed since the last update.

I enjoyed myself quite a bit playing through this latest version in the last few weeks.

As always, I hope you will as well.