A Dance with Rogues
Part Two v0.9 was released on 12 March 2006.
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Valine's Announcement[]

"Your path is twisted, child. Your future is not clear. There are many possibilities yet.

I see a dark path... It's a foreign land you walk in, knowing no happiness, just sorrow and fear... and blood. I see your hands, your arms, your face, stained with the blood of your enemies...

Side by side you walk with the dark one. You lead him, but he holds the chain around your neck...

There is more. I see icy cold. Stars shining from a moonlit sky. Mists of air gathering around you as you stumble through the snow...

You killed the king! But you need him to return home...

Together you stand on the island, but there's only death around you... You walk the land of the dead, not knowing whether you are a part of it yet...

I see a temple. It's evil. It draws you near. It swallows you...

There's blood on your hands. You've killed your comrades so you may live!

You lie with the black knight. He makes you scream out in ecstasy! Your bodies are entangled, your skin is covered with sweat...

In the end, you are betrayed."

Part two of “A Dance with Rogues”.
The story picks up at the point where the main character leaves Betancuria and sets sail for the village of Westwood. There is no introduction this time as this is not a whole new module but rather the second part of the story that has been started in part one. Hence it should only be played with a character you finished the first part with.

This is for Adults only! Contains graphical and verbal nudity, explicit content and forms of violence.

IMPORTANT! You need my hak pack "ACAG" so all the armor and clothes look as intended. Otherwise, everything will look REALLY messed up. I couldn't put the link here as by the time I was writing this, the hak pack had not yet been approved by the site admin.

A few other hints:
- Do not break conversations using the "ESC"-key. I have no idea what will happen if you do - you may get stuck, see funny results, or your computer may just commit suicide.
- Do not attack friendly creatures. If you wish to start a fight, do so choosing the appropriate options in the conversation trees.
- You get XP for picking locks, disarming traps and pick pocketing stuff. You also get XP for a successful skill check (persuade, bluff, intimidate etc.), so it's a good idea to spend a few points there.
- Most XP is granted for progressing in the story line.
- There's little (really little!) XP for killing things. There's "bonus" XP for killing things if the story requires it - you may however get the same amount of XP - or more! - by being sneaky and finding a way other than using violence...
- Upgrade your equipment! Spend your money! A couple of times it "may" seem like you lose your gear but there's always a chance to get everything back.
- The same applies to your henchmen (there are around ten you could pick up). Care for them, feed them, equip them well, and they'll be a big help, and more…?! ;-)
- A lot of "riddles" can be solved in different ways. If a door is too hard to unlock or you just cannot find that one stupid key, try looking for a different way.

A big thanks to everyone who helped me with testing, feedback, encouragement, ...!
Especially to my two "lead" testers Hagaar and Thirdpres for constantly "bugging" me with ideas :-)

Also, a big thanks to Jhmssa for those "special" scripts that are used at the Cult Site, and to Magnus Tamelander for his wonderful "cover picture"! :-)

The modules (parts one and two) now contain over 250.000 words of written dialogue (though most of it is cyber sex :P). It is a fantasy world of the mine, the result of many many many many (did I say many?) hours of (day-)dreaming.

I refuse to feel responsible for any mental damage playing this may cause :P I however do hope that you have fun playing it. If you don't, simply stop. If you do, that's all the reward I ever wanted... 

What's new[]

Initial release.


File Information[]

Filename A Dance with Rogues Part 2 V0.9.mod
Description Part Two v0.9
Type Module
Source Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault
Date 08 March 2006
Size 31,394,021 bytes
MD5 e1c82b66fc1709e9d004f80095c8553a
SHA1 e1ff38444e904203abeb9b08806f2add91c4bc8f