A Dance with Rogues
Part Two v1.02 was released on 17 June 2006.
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Valine's Announcement[]

I have uploaded version 1.02 now (finally!). It contains quite a lot of bug fixes, so it's probably a good idea to use this version in case you are not very far into the module yet.

I have included a text file which describes the fixes made in this version. I just hope I didn't break anything else *cringe*.

Also, a big and heartfelt thanks for the kind words! :-)

What's new[]



File Information[]

Filename A Dance with Rogues Part 2 V1.02.mod
Description Part Two v1.02
Type Module
Source Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault
Date 17 June 2006
Size 32,191,729 bytes
MD5 2ee4a25b17adb89e04421b135453b1be
SHA1 88844f02d76e8cc001df7628aeebfaf5451223fa