A Dance with Rogues
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Rick Cars is a small time thug in Betancuria South. His face is badly scarred, but he is well-kept otherwise. Rick and his gang harass citizens on the dark alley, asking for "donations" to keep the streets safe and taking whatever they want by force.

Spoiler: When the Princess first arrives at the Hideout, Vico asks her to prove herself by assassinating Rick.


  • Rick Cars and his gang are not members of The Family.
  • If the Princess runs into Rick in his alley, he will steal all of her gold and equipment, then let his men have some fun with her before throwing her out of the alley naked. Yes, he is a scumbag.
  • Even Rick Cars needs to sleep sometimes, after his nightly escapades. Being lazy, he doesn't go too far from his usual spot.


  • Rick shares a portrait with Paurie Wettian, a member of The Family.
  • May bear some resemblance to Ric Ocasek, singer of the 80s pop band, The Cars