A Dance with Rogues
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This is an optional quest give to the Princess by Vico when she first arrives in the Hideout. The Princess is asked to rid Betancuria of Rick Cars, a leader of a local gang who are extorting money from passers by in a dark alley in Betancuria South. The Princess can try talk to Rick first, but this problem can only be resolved with force.

There are two ways to do this quest, either by open confrontation or by finding a way to get into Rick Cars' hideout near the alley, which will make the task much easier. Once the Princess completes the task she should report to Vico. If she expresses regret, Vico will tell her about the Family assassin who also regretted her deeds. A journal written by the assassin can be found in Alfons's room.


  • To complete this quest the Princess is not required to kill Rick's gang, just Rick Cars.
  • If the Princess decides to confront Rick Cars on the street, nearby Dhorn soldiers may join the fight on Rick's side, so it is better to make sure they are out of sight.


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Spoilers follow.

This quest is available once you have access to the sewers, gained during Lesson 3.

Talk to Vico once you have entered the hideout in the sewers and he will ask you to kill Rick Cars. This can be done in two ways:

  • Rick and his gang can be found in the dark alley north of the harbor, after dark. Kill Rick and report back to Vico.
  • During the day, break into the abandoned house west of the alley; go through the trapdoor and past the spider. Bash the webs covering the wooden door and enter the small sewer leading to Rick's hideout and take them by surprise (easier as two of the gang and Rick is asleep).
  • If for some reason you find and kill Rick before receiving this quest, talk to Vico in the Hideout and you'll get credit for it anyway.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.