A Dance with Rogues

It is a large two story mansion found in the city of Maeralssin, belonging to the Drow Rilynett family. It is the only structure in Maeralssin the Princess can enter. As she makes her way to the mansion, she feels eyes watching her.

Spoiler: During the Rescue Bran quest the Princess learns that Bran was sold to drow and is found in the mansion. When she enters a room on the upper floor of the mansion, Alyafein and Chalafein offer details on how to reach Matron Rilynett in order to kill her. The matron's chambers can only be accessed through a secret passage. When the Princess reaches the room, she find Matron has already been killed by Bran, whom the Matron used for sexual entertainment. After exiting the matron's bedroom, the Princess and Bran are ambushed by Alyafein and Chalafein during their escape.


  • It is possible to enter the mansion even if Bran wasn't in the party at the time of Princess's capture, but the things will be a little bit weird (but not game stopping) as apparently such turn of events wasn't planned for.
  • In the mansion the Princess meets Dhorn soldier, who belonged to Arto's squad and was captured by the drow, and learns that Arto have decided to follow the Princess even into Underdark.


Rilynett Mansion, Ground Floor pins
Rilynett Mansion, Upper Floor pins
  1. To Maeralssin
  2. The torture chamber
  3. Stairs up to the Upper Floor (#4)
  4. Stairs down to the Ground Floor (#3)
  5. Alyafein and Chalafein's room
  6. Stairs down to the Ground Floor
  7. Ulviirerd Rilynett's room


See Chapter 3: Where's Bran?