A Dance with Rogues
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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.
Important: This quest was introduced in Valine's Extended Edition remake of Part One (this article describes the 2.20 version). The quest, as well as most of the locations and NPCs involved, do not exist in version 1.50.

Once the Princess reaches the Family’s Hideout in the EE remake, she’ll meet Quin Halley (the brother of Mando Halley). Quin is looking to infiltrate a heavily guarded section of the Merchant’s Quarter containing the Dhorn’s administrative buildings. He needs both a disguise, and a way past the gate.


  • The Princess will need to find a way to enter the Dhorn quarter for many quests, including Portrait, Dhorn Slayer, and Know Your Enemies. Once she’s made it in and out once, she can tell Quin about the route she used.
  • To get the disguise, she’ll need to engage in a spot of gambling
  • Mando will have a new quest after this one is finished


Path into the Dhorn Quarter

Escaping through the sewers in the course of the Portait quest will let you tell Quin about the sewer route you used. (Conveniently, the Dhorn guarding the lever will never wake up and close it.)

Fix Me: Are there any other ways to get through? Will any other quests that require access to the quarter trigger Shander’s offer?

Getting the Disguise

Posted around Betancuria West are several signs encouraging eligible young women to come to the Blue Swan to meet Dhorn officers in need of wives. If you’ve played Part II (v1.23), this may sound very familiar, as the Blue Swan was previously located in part II’s Westwood.

After reading one of these notices, you can convince the door guard at the Blue Swan to let you in. The segment inside is almost identical to the original Part II’s Dicing with Dhorn quest: the Dhorn are playing strip dice 66. You need to win mail from a commander, but you’ll learn from his female companion that he only plays people who have a history of losing.

Buy a strippable dress from the fellow in the back, and ask around until you find someone willing to play dice with you. Throw the game: disbelieving innocuous claims and lying about your rolls for no reason will help.

Once you’ve lost one game, the commander will be willing to play with you. Try to get him to lose. Once he loses, you can pickpocket his mail from the shopkeeper.

Finishing the Quest

Quin is waiting in an empty house on Mercenary Way after giving you the quest: bring things to him there. When he has both the mail and the route, he’ll thank you and head off.

Some time later, Mando will give you the Missing Quin quest if you ask him for a job.